Sunday, February 12, 2012

We Become Whom We Spend Our Time With

I read a book recently guiding us how to play the game of our life. Basically one of the chapters mentioned about we become whom we spend our time with. Do you agree?

Well, the author encourage us to mingle with those people who we want to be. So we can learn from them what is necessary and motivate us to move one step forward. 

The author emphasized that we are not giving us our existing friends. Just that we choose to spend less time with them, but chose to spend more time with those really can help us to achieve our goal. It can be a balance.

To make it interesting, perhaps you can list out your top 10 friend list, and see how many of them are success or who you want to be. For me, I have only 2 out of 10 friends are success, in terms of financial freedom and career. 

To success, we definitely need to walk out of our comfortable zone, including friends circle. It's time to change the list to make it from 2 to 5 at least?
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