Sunday, December 28, 2008

Uncivilized Christmas Celebration

So how did you celebrate your Christmas? I hope you have a good one. Otherwise, it's not a big deal, you better plan now in order to have a great one next year.

I was very upset after I read Christmas celebration news in my country. The major Christmas eve celebration city were held at Kuala Lumpur and Penang. I believe most of these revellers were youngsters and teenagers.

In Penang, there were youths where they jumped onto the cars and shook them before letting the drivers drive on. Some motorists who refused to stop had salt, empty bottles and cans hurled at their vehicles.

How do you feel if your family member/s got spray when they passing by?

Two uncivilized revellers were held at 1am on Christmas Day for throwing spray cans at the traffic policemen. And they are just 15 and 17 year old respectively. The arrested two were part of a group of 20 youngsters who had stopped passing cars and motorcyclists at Gurney Drive to spray foam on them.

What the heck of these 2 uncivilized teenagers climbed on people's car?

Where in Kuala Lumpur, there were large bunch of irresponsible revellers who littered the street with aerosol cans during Christmas eve celebration. The City Hall had a tough time clearing the mess left behind by these irresponsible revellers. These revellers obviously don't care about street cleanliness and left the mess for others to clean up.

Since they are from the same piece of land, those vehicles passing by the celebration street were also sprayed by the uncivilized revellers.

Hey, are these revellers primary school educated?

You can have fun within your group while you celebrate special occasion. I just don't understand why these people built their happiness on other people's discomfort. Perhaps I'm already out of what the new generation are thinking.

I doubt we shall see the same problem again on New Year eve? I hope not.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Beware During Taking Photo

Merry Christmas once again to you all, folks. How's your holiday going on? Have you taken a lot of nice and beautiful photos?

Well, my Christmas is just past with extra-ordinary this year. I visited a church nearby the town with my friend, and found out 85% of the people there are veterans, including visitors, chores and the musicians. I really don't know where are the youngsters in the town! Well, that's not my purpose of looking for youngsters on Christmas day okay. None the less, it's the most comfortable Christmas for me.

Okay no photo from me, but I do have one which I found this little female has a trouble here. And I would like to ask all females to pay attention on this, only if you are wearing sexy. Other than long hairs, sweet smiles, few cleavages... what else you can notice from the picture below?

Hey, it might looks funny & perhaps a little bit ugly, but we can see they were really enjoy themselves. So for those who accidentally show off your nipple, underwear, bra or whatever sensitive parts when you taking photos, I hope you do relax and don't take it seriously, it's not really a big deal, just be extra careful next time.

Anyway, I'm still wonder what kind of toothpastes they are using, all their teethes are so white and clean! I'm jealous, folks.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Hey, Christmas is around the corner folks! Have you prepare any Christmas gift to your love one?

If you are short of money and yet to prepare, don't worry, I have an economy and with-heard solution for you. How about, make a Christmas card?

Come on, this is not an ordinary Christmas card. It's a unique Christmas card hand-made of cardboard. When you push the lever down, the surprise object pops up! Should be cool right.

Sample of the home-made Christmas card

Just follow the 8 simple steps here and you are done!

Okay, good luck to your hand-made Christmas card, folks. Ekimkee here would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New year! ;D

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Cheapest Sushi Buffet

Do you like to eat Japanese food, Sushi? I believe many Asian like it a lot, including myself.

Okay, this is my real experience to share with you guys. My colleagues and I found out an advertisement showing the cheapest sushi buffet around the town, From Friday to Sunday, 7pm to 10pm, for only SGD$7 and eat all you can! That's very cheap man!

Wow, that should be a great deal. Without hesitate much, We dined in sharp at 7pm on Friday evening, and expected to have a great buffet dinner that night.

They look very colorful and delicious, aren't they?

We went in to that Japanese restaurant, sat down and wait for the auto-roller to carry the food to us. After waited for 10 minutes, something is not very right, most of the food passed-by were sushis made by...rice + cucumber, rice + crab meat (made by ready fish with red and white color), rice + egg, rice + chicken. Sorry, no unagi, salmon and tuna fish found. Ops, it's not even a single fish flesh found.

We waited another 20 minutes, we finally saw some prawn sushi coming out. By that time we already frustrated, because other customers are also trying to grab them. We are not full at all, we complaint and laughed at each other, as we realized we get cheated by the advertisement.

Can you imagine the whole night you only eat rice + cucumber as your dinner?

Fine, we asked for bill after we only dined for 30 minutes. And the bills were SGD$8 for each person. Oh yes, green tea charged for another $1, which is not included in the buffet set. Wtf, that's the worst experience we dined in for Japanese restaurant.

Morale of this story ... Don't be greedy, or end up we paid even more. T.T

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Man's Bra

Have you seen any man's bra before?

Wait, does man really need a bra? I don't think so. But it's hard to say in the future. Compare to few years ago, men don't wear shirt and shoes, but now, they are necessity. Men don't make up many years ago, but now, some of us do, to keep us pretty.

So that's a news reported that Japan bra company has released bra for man. I thought it was a initially, as I cant imagine how a man can fit with a bra, unless his boobs are big enough. But surprisingly, a Japanese online lingerie retailer is selling bras for cross-dressing men and they've quickly become one of its most popular items. Since launching two weeks ago on Rakuten, a major Japanese web shopping mall, the Wishroom shop has sold over 300 men's bras for US$30 each.

Well well, I just couldn't accept it, even though it might able to improve my chest shape. And I don't think it able to change my point of view after I view a short clip of Japanese design, so called "man bra".

It's totally disgusting. Doesn't it?

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Vivian Chow vs Miffty Zhang

Today it's my first time to blog about Hong Kong artists. Well, I'm not interested with them most of the time, but just want to share something here.

Do you know the little girl posted below?

She is gorgeous, doesn't she? I bet nobody know about her, she is infamous like Ah-Sa or Amber Chia, she is not even an artist. She is not my girl friend either, although I'm pretty wish! She is Miffty Zhang, a pretty & sweet China girl who studying in Hong Kong University. And now perhaps she is more famous than Gillian Chung! Okay let's stop here for a while as I need to intro Hong Kong artist.

I don't know why, I'm having a very good impression with Vivian Chow, perhaps because of her good image and works she had contributed to the society. Fyi, Vivian Chow is a Hong Kong based Cantopop singer and actress. She is well known for her ladylike stage image as well as her charity works for animal rights. She is 41 years old this year. Yes, she is getting older but yet she is still not married, due to have such a playboy boy friend (bf), Joe Nieh, who dated for 22 years. Her bf is 44 years old this year, he on and off has break the rule and play with other women along these years. And as usual, Vivian Chow has forgiven him for many times.

Vivian Chow, a very pretty artist 'once upon a time'.

Unfortunately, his playboy bf being spotted to have a wet kiss with a hot girl in the pub on last week. And the unfortunate hot girl was Miffty Zhang, the girl I posted in the first picture above.

There were too many news talk about different stories about this. Some said Miffty wants to enter the entertainment boundary via her bf. Some said because the bf is rich. Some said the bf planned about this and want to end the relationship with Vivian Chow. Some said Miffty is innocent. Whatever they are, Vivan Chow, her bf and Miffty are become very hot and famous this week. All entertainment news are focus on them.

In summary, below are my personal comments about this news.

Winner of the year, Miffty Zhang.

Miffty is now become very famous without pay a cent. She won't died or get dirty with just a few second of wet kiss. Perhaps she is very success in this deal. Of course, the only deep downside was, she is notorious with bad image of became Vivian Chow's enermy, from what people think. Well, it worths. It's not easy to become famous, and she made her own way to do so. Great job.

For Vivan Chow bf, he is great too, in terms of playboy life. He got Vivan Chow when he was very young, that's every man's dream. Even though he is 44 year old now, he is still pursuing his playboy life and he got Miffty, another man's dream. The problem is, he is not handsome or very rich either. That's what I'm impressed about. I'm impressed doesn't mean I want to pursue the same life with him. That's abnormal okay.

Bad guy of the year, Joe Nieh (caught wet kissing with a Miffty Zhang).

For Vivan Chow, she is the only loser in overall. She spent all her golden period with her bf, and yet she got nothing. I bet she even need to bare her bf's living cost. Now, she is getting older and yet she is still single. She doesn't left much capital in terms of age. And she needs high maintenance to keep her look young in order to continue to make money. Luckily she is still consider rich, and she did some savings & businesses for backup. I'm just felt pity and sympathy to her. She is so pretty, kind and good, but her return was such a tragedy ending. Perhaps she should learn from Michelle Reis, who is always being aggressive for her future, and she made it.

Well, that's life, especially for artists. To justify whether we will be a winner or loser, we have to pursue our own dream & welfare either by aggressive or hard work. Just like the real example above.


Thursday, December 11, 2008

Petrol Pricing Issue

Hooray, I believe every motorists are cheers because petrol price is not drop below USD$45 per barrel. Yes, it is a very good news indeed. Low petrol price definitely lower the inflation and boost up economy.

Currently, the price is adjusted on a fortnightly basis based on the market price. The pump price for petrol is now RM1.90 per litre. I foresee there is still room to decrease the price by 50 cents, but government is having problem to do so. Perhaps it will down to RM1.80 on next week.

Now our government is having dilemma in making a decision on whether to set the petrol price at a floor price or let it float according to market price. If they continue to run price floating system, the petrol station owner will continue to suffer great loss every time government announce a new lower price, due to stock keeping. According to Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister Datuk Shahrir Abdul Samad, "if we fix a floor price, how low should it be, or should we adopt a managed float system."

Nah! It's not my hand. I don't know why this guy showing 'his' finger to Petronas. -.-

For me, it's a 'wasting time' question and they created the trouble themselves. First of all, they shouldn't hike the petrol price 80 cents in one go on early of June. They made a big mistake and thought that market petrol price will never goes down, and will hike forever. Well, they just never think what will happen next and in the future. They should have increase the petrol price by 30-35 cents initially.

I think floor price is a very lousy decision. They'll take a very high risk of the market floating petrol price, and then come back to us and complaint that they are subsiding us in a great loss. Well, this stupid complaint always happen and we are all know and sick of it.

When can we enjoy back the ex-petrol price of RM1.30 per litre?

I believe our government has not many choices for now. If they continue to run floating system, they should provide some subsidies to the petrol station owners in order to reduce their loss, and continue to keep motorists benefits from the lower petrol price. This decision should also allow government to reap more profits from the motorists subsidy, should petrol price continue to going down. They also should cut off the petrol subsidy of RM625 per year. This should be the wiser decision in overall, in terms of number of people to benefits, economy stimulation and inflation reduction.

I hope the right decision will be decided and taken soon.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

BOLT Review

I'm back, folks. What an enjoyable holidays for me. Of course, I've a few things I would like to share with you folks during my holidays. ;)

Well, while I was on holidays, I watched a 3D cartoon movie (special request by my friend). Yes, it's movie review after 2 months time. Well, I would affirmed that this kind of movie totally not suit for me. I felt it is totally sucks and made me sleepy.

This movie described the story of a dog who is convinced that it's role as a super dog in reality. It owns obsession with it's owner and keeping the owner (a kid) protected from the so called 'green eyed man' of the television show it works on completely absorbs it's life. And then bla bla bla....until it realized it is not a hero, but it is just a normal dog. Okay, an English speaking dog. And then...went back to it's owner again to save her a life. T.T so damn boring.

Bolt, lousiest 3D cartoon movie of the year. -.-

The movie doesn't have fun or funny in overall, it's really lousy apart from 3D. I was so disappointed, if compared to Ice Age and The Nemo.

Here's my ratings for Bolt.
Cast: 1/10
Plot: 1.5/10
Effect: 2/10
Cinematography: 3.5/10
Action: 3/10
Humor: 0.5/10 (no funny scene for me though)
Story line: 4/10
Overall: 2.5/10

Why Bolt? I misunderstood it as World 100m winner Usain Bolt.

I would recommend you save your money and time for Ice Age 3.
Anyway, it's just my personal opinion, no offend for Bolt supporter, okay.

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