Sunday, December 14, 2008

Vivian Chow vs Miffty Zhang

Today it's my first time to blog about Hong Kong artists. Well, I'm not interested with them most of the time, but just want to share something here.

Do you know the little girl posted below?

She is gorgeous, doesn't she? I bet nobody know about her, she is infamous like Ah-Sa or Amber Chia, she is not even an artist. She is not my girl friend either, although I'm pretty wish! She is Miffty Zhang, a pretty & sweet China girl who studying in Hong Kong University. And now perhaps she is more famous than Gillian Chung! Okay let's stop here for a while as I need to intro Hong Kong artist.

I don't know why, I'm having a very good impression with Vivian Chow, perhaps because of her good image and works she had contributed to the society. Fyi, Vivian Chow is a Hong Kong based Cantopop singer and actress. She is well known for her ladylike stage image as well as her charity works for animal rights. She is 41 years old this year. Yes, she is getting older but yet she is still not married, due to have such a playboy boy friend (bf), Joe Nieh, who dated for 22 years. Her bf is 44 years old this year, he on and off has break the rule and play with other women along these years. And as usual, Vivian Chow has forgiven him for many times.

Vivian Chow, a very pretty artist 'once upon a time'.

Unfortunately, his playboy bf being spotted to have a wet kiss with a hot girl in the pub on last week. And the unfortunate hot girl was Miffty Zhang, the girl I posted in the first picture above.

There were too many news talk about different stories about this. Some said Miffty wants to enter the entertainment boundary via her bf. Some said because the bf is rich. Some said the bf planned about this and want to end the relationship with Vivian Chow. Some said Miffty is innocent. Whatever they are, Vivan Chow, her bf and Miffty are become very hot and famous this week. All entertainment news are focus on them.

In summary, below are my personal comments about this news.

Winner of the year, Miffty Zhang.

Miffty is now become very famous without pay a cent. She won't died or get dirty with just a few second of wet kiss. Perhaps she is very success in this deal. Of course, the only deep downside was, she is notorious with bad image of became Vivian Chow's enermy, from what people think. Well, it worths. It's not easy to become famous, and she made her own way to do so. Great job.

For Vivan Chow bf, he is great too, in terms of playboy life. He got Vivan Chow when he was very young, that's every man's dream. Even though he is 44 year old now, he is still pursuing his playboy life and he got Miffty, another man's dream. The problem is, he is not handsome or very rich either. That's what I'm impressed about. I'm impressed doesn't mean I want to pursue the same life with him. That's abnormal okay.

Bad guy of the year, Joe Nieh (caught wet kissing with a Miffty Zhang).

For Vivan Chow, she is the only loser in overall. She spent all her golden period with her bf, and yet she got nothing. I bet she even need to bare her bf's living cost. Now, she is getting older and yet she is still single. She doesn't left much capital in terms of age. And she needs high maintenance to keep her look young in order to continue to make money. Luckily she is still consider rich, and she did some savings & businesses for backup. I'm just felt pity and sympathy to her. She is so pretty, kind and good, but her return was such a tragedy ending. Perhaps she should learn from Michelle Reis, who is always being aggressive for her future, and she made it.

Well, that's life, especially for artists. To justify whether we will be a winner or loser, we have to pursue our own dream & welfare either by aggressive or hard work. Just like the real example above.



Anonymous said...

There are rumors about Vivian's sex organs health. Before she hided in Vancouver, she "worked" for a rich Japanese business man and some other rich guy. Right after that, she left HK and hided for quite a while. She should be "fixing" her stuff.

If you read the letter from Vivian to the public about this incident. She mentioned her BF has the right to do that. Why? Common sense is she can't give then her bf can't "eat outside". So, everything does make sense.

This year, all HK famous star-class sex workers got married such as Lee Kar Yan, Lau Kar Ling, Hung Yen, Chow Siu Fan etc. I think they don't have market now. It's time to do whole sell instead of retail.

Anonymous said...

I think it is really crude and callous to comment on ladies. Who as a lady is willing to sacrifice body for no reasons? I personally do not think Miffty Zhang is pretty, hot or anything except that she is young and hankering on material things. Somebody must have stamps on the eyes to think so highly of her.

Vincent Lee said...

Whatever they are, there's an out of expected outcome, Joey and Vivian are getting marry on next month. All the best to 3 of them. ;)

Manufactured Pop Faggots Must Die said...

Judging by by your use of txt working, in my personal opinion, I have never heard such a retarded comment, this not just apply to the one who blogged his comment himself but also to the 1st poster

I mean, from a magazine I read recently, what is so attractive about Miffty, she has plenty of mileage in her, in the front and rear as who wants to catch herpes from her

IMAO, I can't understand why Vivian wants to go back to a complete loser like that retarded Joe and announce their marriage a week later, what do they want, are they desperate for publicity, if they want some, why don't they go to that street in Mong Kok and get themselves hit by a falling bottle of acid from above

All I think this is, IMO, is nothing but a complete charade for them to seek publicity

This is why I have absolutely no respect for HK celebrities - look at these talentless trashbags like Stephy, Theresa, kary... there are too many to list here

Anonymous said...

I agree with Anonymous. Those who think Miffty Zhang is pretty and think highly of her are of poor taste. She has such a low esteem on targeting on such an "elderly" old man, Joe Nieh or should I say she has some motives behind? Such a disgracing woman! This reflects badly on the up-bringing at home.

Anonymous said...

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vintageholic said...

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