Sunday, December 21, 2008

Cheapest Sushi Buffet

Do you like to eat Japanese food, Sushi? I believe many Asian like it a lot, including myself.

Okay, this is my real experience to share with you guys. My colleagues and I found out an advertisement showing the cheapest sushi buffet around the town, From Friday to Sunday, 7pm to 10pm, for only SGD$7 and eat all you can! That's very cheap man!

Wow, that should be a great deal. Without hesitate much, We dined in sharp at 7pm on Friday evening, and expected to have a great buffet dinner that night.

They look very colorful and delicious, aren't they?

We went in to that Japanese restaurant, sat down and wait for the auto-roller to carry the food to us. After waited for 10 minutes, something is not very right, most of the food passed-by were sushis made by...rice + cucumber, rice + crab meat (made by ready fish with red and white color), rice + egg, rice + chicken. Sorry, no unagi, salmon and tuna fish found. Ops, it's not even a single fish flesh found.

We waited another 20 minutes, we finally saw some prawn sushi coming out. By that time we already frustrated, because other customers are also trying to grab them. We are not full at all, we complaint and laughed at each other, as we realized we get cheated by the advertisement.

Can you imagine the whole night you only eat rice + cucumber as your dinner?

Fine, we asked for bill after we only dined for 30 minutes. And the bills were SGD$8 for each person. Oh yes, green tea charged for another $1, which is not included in the buffet set. Wtf, that's the worst experience we dined in for Japanese restaurant.

Morale of this story ... Don't be greedy, or end up we paid even more. T.T


KCLau said...

I love sushi too. But those shown in the picture ... is definitely at the bottom of my choice :)

I can't believe that there are such a sushi restaurant in Singapore.

Anonymous said...

Haha, I don't know what to say. Perhaps a sales boost up technique?

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