Thursday, December 18, 2008

Man's Bra

Have you seen any man's bra before?

Wait, does man really need a bra? I don't think so. But it's hard to say in the future. Compare to few years ago, men don't wear shirt and shoes, but now, they are necessity. Men don't make up many years ago, but now, some of us do, to keep us pretty.

So that's a news reported that Japan bra company has released bra for man. I thought it was a initially, as I cant imagine how a man can fit with a bra, unless his boobs are big enough. But surprisingly, a Japanese online lingerie retailer is selling bras for cross-dressing men and they've quickly become one of its most popular items. Since launching two weeks ago on Rakuten, a major Japanese web shopping mall, the Wishroom shop has sold over 300 men's bras for US$30 each.

Well well, I just couldn't accept it, even though it might able to improve my chest shape. And I don't think it able to change my point of view after I view a short clip of Japanese design, so called "man bra".

It's totally disgusting. Doesn't it?

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