Sunday, December 28, 2008

Uncivilized Christmas Celebration

So how did you celebrate your Christmas? I hope you have a good one. Otherwise, it's not a big deal, you better plan now in order to have a great one next year.

I was very upset after I read Christmas celebration news in my country. The major Christmas eve celebration city were held at Kuala Lumpur and Penang. I believe most of these revellers were youngsters and teenagers.

In Penang, there were youths where they jumped onto the cars and shook them before letting the drivers drive on. Some motorists who refused to stop had salt, empty bottles and cans hurled at their vehicles.

How do you feel if your family member/s got spray when they passing by?

Two uncivilized revellers were held at 1am on Christmas Day for throwing spray cans at the traffic policemen. And they are just 15 and 17 year old respectively. The arrested two were part of a group of 20 youngsters who had stopped passing cars and motorcyclists at Gurney Drive to spray foam on them.

What the heck of these 2 uncivilized teenagers climbed on people's car?

Where in Kuala Lumpur, there were large bunch of irresponsible revellers who littered the street with aerosol cans during Christmas eve celebration. The City Hall had a tough time clearing the mess left behind by these irresponsible revellers. These revellers obviously don't care about street cleanliness and left the mess for others to clean up.

Since they are from the same piece of land, those vehicles passing by the celebration street were also sprayed by the uncivilized revellers.

Hey, are these revellers primary school educated?

You can have fun within your group while you celebrate special occasion. I just don't understand why these people built their happiness on other people's discomfort. Perhaps I'm already out of what the new generation are thinking.

I doubt we shall see the same problem again on New Year eve? I hope not.


lissakong said...

true o nt?really happened ah?

Vincent Lee said...

Yes it is. :(

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