Thursday, January 1, 2009

Ip Man Review

Happy new year to you, folks!

I went for delicious dinner and followed by watching a movie named "Ip Man" to pass a new year of 2009, as simple as that. How about you?

This movie is based on real story of the "wing chun" martial arts master life, Yip Man, as known as master of Bruce Lee in Foshan China, before and during Japanese occupation of China. The story talks about how this martial arts master respect by the people around the district, how he defense himself and other Chinese with Japanese troop, as well how he united the Chinese. More or less, we can see Donny Yen plays a lot of kungfu in the movie, which brought the highlight of the movie.

This movie is showing for quite some time, am I a bit late of enjoyed it?

This is really a unique and exciting martial art movie, more or less the same as "Fearless" acted by Jet Li on 2 years back. I enjoyed a lot in the fighting scenes, especially when he fights with 10 Japanese. Fyi, There is a huge difference of fighting scenes between Transport 3 (T3) and Ip Man. T3's one was totally sucks, the scenes made me dizzy, as you already know they couldn't really fight well. For Ip Man, you'll feel comfortable with the fighting scenes, excellent. The castings are also not bad, as some of the experienced actors are on play, except the wife, which I think she is just acting, so-so.

Anyway, here's my ratings for Ip Man for your reference.
Cast: 7/10
Plot: 9/10
Effect: 6.5
Cinematography: 8/10
Action: 9/10
Humor: 0.5/10 (Very little funny scene found)

Story line: 8.5/10 (I'm a martial art lover)
Overall: 8/10

This thing looks very cool in the movie, should I buy one & practice at home? Give me a break!

If you like Chinese martial arts or similar movie like "Fearless", this is a 'must watch' movie.
Once again, enjoy your new year, folks!


KCLau said...

I am going to watch this movie tomorrow..
I guess most Chinese love kung fu movies

Andy said...

It's a very nice movie, Go ahead and enjoy urself! Happy new year everyone!

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