Sunday, January 4, 2009

My Ten's 1st Time in 2008

Do you still remember your first time to do a thing/task in 2008?

I believe everyone has his/her own first time to do a thing/task that he/she never did it before. Great. Since we contributed our first time, it's good if we can remember it and share with others.

I have ten's first time contribution in 2008, and I would like to share with you here. Sorry to let you get bore here, as you won't find any pictures in this post, because most of them have been posted and discussed in my previous posts in details. You may just click the blue link to access the full details of the event. Anyway, please enjoy your reading.

1. I encountered failure in my 1st business setup.
Yes, indeed this business only last me about less than a year and it went down terribly. In fact the business doing quite okay, but just I've been cheated by the dishonest supplier and it's a big sum of amount. With the difficulty of cash flow and other major dissatisfaction factors, I forced to terminate my 1st business setup and went back to work for people.

2. 1st time invested in FOREX and I loss all my money
Yes, I paid a big price for this greedy lesson, due to the inability of my friend to manage the broker and the money, as well as the scam from the broker. Well, in fact we can start it small, but just the broker set his minimum condition to make us loss more. The whole story is explained in detail in my previous post. Anyway, I believe I will get my money back from FOREX within a year.

3. My car being 'hit and run' for the 1st time
I have no idea why I was so bad luck and my car being 'hit and run' by other car while I was having a casual drink with my friends in the town. The whole story was posted here. Although it's just wasted a small sum of money, I hope this 1st time is sufficient for the rest of my life.

4. Bought my 1st lottery
For those who know me, I don't like to gamble, especially lottery. Because the probability to win is just too small, unless I'm a banker. Gambling is heavily rely on luck, which I don't have 'yet'. However, the jackpot reward from Mega 6/52 from TOTO Sports is really huge and I couldn't resist myself to have some investment into it. It's RM20 millions, and now the jackpot has promoted to RM30millions! What a thrill! I've made a posts related to this thingy. Anyway, so far I invested about less than RM30, no reward so far, but only with few small pieces of paper printed with some numbers. I must be dreaming too much.

5. I started my 1st personal blog
With the trend of having a blog, I also joined the family of blogger in the end of May 2008. I've no idea why my blog address is named as Ekimkee, it sounds ugly though. Well, it doesn't matter for me and most importantly, blogging is having fun and I enjoy it a lot. I can gradually see the growing of what am I writing and sharing. This should be the postive '1st time', after few negatives one. -.-

6. Got my 1st set of creative birthday cards for free
I'm looking around at KcLau's blog (a personal financial blog) and found out that he is promoting and offering 3D creative birthday card with just a simple condition, which is to write a post about the card and his blog! Even though it was an old post, but Kclau is so generous and he sent me whole set of the cards instead of one. The whole story can be found here. This was my 1st time to get such lovely creative greeting cards for free! And yet KcLau is still supporting my blog by leaving comments to my post. Thanks again, KcLau.

7. The most expensive dinner I had on my birthday
My boss spent me the most expensive dinner I ever had on my birthday. That's the coolest one and it's very delicious. Thanks to my boss and colleagues who organized the twin birthday celebration events for me. I've posted this memorable event in my blog. Hey boss, can I have a much more expensive one on my birthday this year?

8. Opened my 1st stock market account
I opened my 1st stock market account, Bursa Malaysia on August 2008. It's excited and interesting to earn extra income by playing Malaysia stocks. It's an easy money by just looking at the price chart and fundamental news. However, before I able to buy any stock, the whole world is hitting economy recession and my all unit trusts lots are slumping like shit. I forced to freeze all my investment for temporary. Based on my technical analysis, the bottom is still yet to be reveal, and I still need to wait for some time and confirmation before I able to begin this exciting investment.

9. Writing 1st post about celebrity news
After 7 months of blogging, I written a post about celebrity news for the 1st time which involved Vivian Chow and Miffty Zhang on last month. To my surprise, this post was overwhelmed by Singaporeans, and up to 700 hits a day! Does it means I should approach more on celebrity post in order to boost up my blog traffic? Well, it's just not my cup of tea.

10. To be updated soon for the 1st time
I'm not sure whether I should post about this, as it's more to privacy. So I just leave it blank first and I'll update it once I found other alternative or I think it's suitable to be posted here. This is also my 1st time to do this on my post. I just don't think I can post everything I like here, after this inccident.

Okay folks, that's about my ten's 1st time for 2008. My goal this year is to make it fifteen, and I hope I can make it. I hope you can review yours and set your goals, and share them with me too.

Have fun and all the best in year 2009.


KCLau said...

Thanks for mentioning your first time with me :)

Vincent Lee said...

Not to mention, it's my pleasure. ;)

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