Sunday, August 10, 2008

My Bad Day

Yesterday was a very bad day for me.

I believe you have heard enough of car scratching using coin/stick, stealing steel rim caps, stealing audio. But my case was a little bit weird here.

I took my mum to her friend house in the morning, and when back home after that. And I already felt like something not right when I was on my way home. Then I noticed my left back tire punctured, with a big screw slotted in the tire. Fine, I changed it with spare tire and settled the case, in hope I still can retrieve the punctured tire on Monday.

Stupid screw stucked inside my tire.

In the evening, after attended a friend's wedding dinner, a few of my buddies and I went for a long drink session at Upperstar KK. And I parked at the back of a malay restaurant at Segama, the roll in between of KFC and Burger King. When we adjourned and back to my car, I noticed the passenger seat's door is something wrong. When I took a closer look, IT WAS DAMAGED and SCRATCHED.

The idiot helped my car created TWO narrow valleys now.

Adding some scratches on top of the valley, cool.

WTF, I wonder how the car next to me managed to make it like this, it was not suppose to happen. Allow me explain in a little bit detail, as below.

I parked at X and the idiot parked at Y, both of us park in proper placement. The idiot can just came out easy but pull out the car and turn right. It shouldn't able to touch my car at all, even you'are drunk or blind. But it just amazingly happened and I was the victim. The red circle spot is where my car's door being hit.

If you are that driver, it's relatively okay if you hit and run, I might do the same if I don't know that guy. But I really want to fck you up and I don't mind you are a guy or lady, because your idiot driving skill cost me a few hundred dollars gone, and causing me inconvenient due to I need to send it to workshop on Monday.

If I talk about my case was not suppose to happen, I think I was totally wrong.

I remembered the last car parked next to me was a black color Myvi, but I couldn't remember the car plat number clearly, something like SAA****K or what. So start from now, I will start notice black Myvi start with SAA with the right side of the body/head scratched/damaged. If I managed to notice it and match my logical sense of how you crash my car, I will reimburse him/her with 201% of my car damage. Don't worry, it's your gift, just take it for FREE.

I really learned a lesson on last night. If you don't want to have the same case as mine, I have 5 advises for you.
1) Jot down the car plat number of your left and right cars, in case those idiots hit and run.
2) Park at parking which need to pay, where the security guard is around, especially around the clubbing areas and where many idiots are gathered. Or you just try not to go that area.
3) Drive a very lousy car out and you don't bother about it's damage/scratch, while you can damage/scratch other people's car.
Note: Please don't do so if you are taking pretties.

4) Park the car within your viewable area.
5) Get some CCTVs for your car surveillance.
6) Employ a part time guard just to take care of your car while you're away. I'm just kidding.

Hope we don't meet such stupid case again in the future.
What a pissed off day.


RiccLee said...


Vincent Lee said...

no lar, still like MyVi very much, except black color. LOLz.

maslight said...

I seriously hate it when ppl scratch my car. There's few cases where stewped ppl dunno how to park/double park properly. Notice my car with lotsa scratches becoz of dumb drivers. Once I think they bang my rear mirror *sigh. =_="

These kinda things you encounter everyday sux really when you're driving a car. Imagine if it's one of those expensive car. Oh the feeling gotta sux big time.

Vincent said...

Hahaha, agreed with you maslight. I think most of us have bad experience with it.

So we have to think twice before buying an expensive car? I doubt. xp

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