Saturday, August 2, 2008

Basic Salary In Malaysia

I'm just curious and dig around the basic pay can get in Malaysia. I found Robert Walters has a salary survey report based on many country for me to refer to. It divided into 3 categories, banking & financial services, Information Technology, and Sales & Marketing.

What surprised me is that the salary pay scale is actually quite high. I'm not sure about other sectors, as I'm just familiar in Information Technology line. I've compare to Jobstreet and the later pay is lower.

I'm an IDC engineer possessing with 7 years of relevant experience. And my pay is very low definitely, otherwise I don't write blog here, just kidding. The relevant total pay stated there is about RM80k per year. Wow, it's about RM6,700 per month, including bonus and allowance. That's good! The only bad thing is it didn't survey the yearly increment rate.

My favorite 'Network' engineer, use to socialize outside.

I wonder how and where it got the outcome, or Malaysians just boast themselves? If we really receive such high pay, I think we won't complaint much about the fuel price, and everything price hiked. Anyway, you can obtain the Malaysia Salary Survey copy here for your reference.

My working style as an IDC engineer.

But if it's truth, perhaps everyone will try to be working in IT line and press the salary lower. Not only that, if you are getting more than RM80k per year, your income tax charges would be 21%. So end up you only earning RM63k, yet to minus EPF and SOCSO. That's very bad.

So how much actually you getting annually?


Anonymous said...

Salary scale in M'sia is deflated low, it posts a price error in M'sian goods, services and productivity. Not positive in getting competitiveness of a country in long run.

Anonymous said...

Matchless phrase ;)

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