Thursday, August 21, 2008

Which Car to Choose?

My colleagues and I plan to purchase a company car to use for a project in neighbor country. Yes, it's for 9-10 staffs used!

We are looking for a budgeted and manual car, with better quality. My colleague has short listed a list of cars, as below:

1. Toyota VIOS 1.5J
2. Kia Rio
3. Hyundai Accent
4. Chery 5A

This is Chery A5 outlook, it looks so sucks.

The price is around the same, except Chery 5A is really cheap. But I totally have no idea about the quality of this China made car. It looks very lousy and old style. Actually I don't understand why Chery car is in the list. What do you think?

I would definitely prefer Toyota VIOS, but we concern about the back seat's space for 4-5 people, in view that all my colleagues sizes are not small.

If you were me, which car in the list will you choose?

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