Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Sex Blackmailing

Have you deal with any Sex Blackmail before?

I just saw a top news regarding this issue this morning. This is bad, not only to the victim, but also her family and the society.

In Malaysia, sex blackmail issues always happen, where we can notice them in the news corner. I don't know why. I just like the SMS scam issue, it keep re-occur again and again. Sex blackmail is still a very efficient and straight forward strategy for man (bad), because it is targeting Asian women's weaknesses, especially in a conservative country.

Sex blackmail always started with Buddhist temple leader, Internet chatting, SMS, make new friends... mostly by stranger.

We always complaint why the victim did not report to the parents or police while they were blackmailed of having sex. I think the victim requiring a lot of courageous and support, compare to just have a 'force' sex with the blackmailer/s. Imagine if their nude picture or sex scandal video really being spread around, they might think of a lot of negative affects to them in the future. Yes, it should be though.

I totally take sympathy on their situation of not reporting the case earlier. But this is definitely not a long term solution, while the 'force' sex mostly spoil the whole life of the victim, such as pregnant or affected with STD or AIDS, which are even worse than the prior.

Even Carina Lau can do it, while you can't?

So for those are encountering sex blackmail, do stand out, share and report, before it get worse. Your family, friends, relatives and kind person like me definitely will take sympathy, instead of laughing or insult you. If every victim does that, I think sex blackmailer will not have advantage anymore. Prevention especially education and awareness about this are always important. Please do something, society!

Anyway, if you are sex blackmailer, can you teach me in detail how you did that?

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