Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Sabahan Blog Gathering 2008 Event

I think my memory getting worse nowadays. :(

I totally forgot about Sabahan Blogger Gathering(SBG) 2008 at Imperial Hotel fall on last Saturday evening. The organizer, Daniel was so kind that he messaged me in Facebook then I only realized about it. But it was too late for me, as everything is unplanned, as I need 2 hours to make up and tide up, 1 hour to bath, 30 minutes to set my hair style and 1 hour stay in front of the mirror for self-confident boost. LOLz.

This fellow must be using expensive camera for good quality image.

I felt like what a waste, for a great opportunity to promote my blog, get to know other local bloggers and then criticize their blogs. LOL. Anyway, here's this borneo girl link to view some of the pictures. If you have a Facebook account and want to see some gang posting, click here. I saw some real friends in the shared pictures, Elaine (Vedablu), Fara, Marissa, Faizal and also a sexy chick spotted here (please don't ask me which one, it's very obvious).

But what console me of missed it, is that, I didn't see many pretty female bloggers in the pictures. It is important as this could be the only entertainment if the event is boring, while I don't want to leave the event early and lose the lucky draw. Forgive me for telling the truth to you.

Eh, why they didn't announce who won the lucky draw?

Okay, I promise I will attend it in next year. Reserve 2 big VIP seats for me please.

Still unable to find the sexy chick I talked about just now?
Let me share with you here.

If you are the yellow shirt gal in the pic, pls contact me ASAP, I'm looking for you. ;)

It seems like a little bit potential here.
Can I organize Pretty Sabahan Blogger Gathering 2008 now?


BOO said...

Vince, you really missed out the fun here........... If not we can bumped to each other again........ after a long time didnt meet up... hey btw u no longer working in Brunei dy meh???

Vincent Lee said...

Haiz, ya I knew. T.T
If not sure ask you intro pretty chicks to me. LOL.

Not yet. I temporary measure land in KK. So if got time hang out together la. LOLz.

bobidom said...

Awww~ Sorry~ the yellow chic is Gerry's (http://bananakk.blogspot.com) HOT ASS gf.

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