Saturday, May 12, 2012

A Trip to Germany (Mar 2012)

I made a business trip to Germany for CeBIT about 1.5 month ago. It was an eye opener for me as this is my first time to Europe.

I have dropped by Munich, Hannover and Berlin cities. All of them have their uniqueness. Munich is a must go through airline transit city, if you are taking Singapore Airline to Europe. The CeBIT was held at Hannover, the largest exhibition center in Germany, where Berlin is just one of the top tourist spot I went there for vacation after CeBIT.

Munich city, you can see Merc, WSG and BMW everywere.

Out of the 3 cities, my favorite city is Munich. The city itself look very rich, comfortable and relax. Germans in Munich are very friendly. The railway and road system are very establish as well. I really like the shopping area. Needless to say, there are a lot of pretty women as well.

Hannover is a small city which has about over 500,000 population. Nothing much in Hannover, but it's a good and relax place for vacation as well while having an exhibition there. I only stayed there for about 2 days.

Berlin, a sad historical city

Berlin is more like a historical place for tourists, where there a lot of hot spots for tourists. I joined the day tour, get to know some other tourists around Europe, and it was having lots of fun.

Overall, it is not a cheap trip, but have great fun and lots of exposure for this trip. Surprisingly, I found not many skyscrapers in Germany and I'm not sure why too. I'm looking forward to visit other Europe cities in the near future.

My coming business trip will be down to Melbourne and Sydney, Australia end of this month, which is my first time too. Looking forward to the trip.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

KIA Design Huge Transformation

What a big change for KIA these few years, isn't it?

KIA Cerato, Optima and Sportage. All of these models have 180 degrees changed of design from the previous model! I have seeing a lot of KIA new cars coming out of the road recently, especially Cerato, Optima and Sportage. This really reflects their recent success of their outlook design!

KIA Optima Version 1

KIA Optima Version 2

But why KIA has the ability to change from the ugly design series to so successful design series within such a short period? It's just because KIA's management made a prudent decision of hiring Peter Schreyer as their Chief Design Officer. Peter is well-known for his Audi TT design. 

Now these few models are really cool, we are anticipating more successful outlook models are coming. 

It makes me think of my national car manufacturer, PROTON. My questions are, why PROTON cannot do the same thing? What is the purpose of PROTON existence if it cannot success after so many years? What is the road map for PROTON for the coming 3 to 5 years?
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