Saturday, October 21, 2017

Hit Jackpot from Share Investment

Talk about share investment, my return stumbled badly yesterday afternoon after one of my heavyweight invested listed company got serious fire incident at the main factory. This is the first time in my life suffering so much loss from share investment.

As per quick phone interview with the company director published by the media, he expressed that there’s about 500 control machines were affected, estimated $150 million losses and roughly needs 9 months to recover! And their existing inventory can only last for 2 months.

Once this news spreads out yesterday noon, the counter share slumped 30% just within an hour and it’s been suspended due to hit the down limit. And it also hits the highest volume among the entire stocks, about 36.7 million shares transacted within an hour! Not only that, it also created the highest volume record since listed from 2005! Why majority of the shareholders has just a big reaction while fire incident is not something new for manufacturer?

Unfortunately, this is not the first time for this company to hit fire incident. The previous incident was occurred in Jan 2014, merely less than 4 years! And this time, the estimated losses and recovery time are at least 3 times worse than the previous fire incident!

To me, it’s not a big deal about the fire incident and one-time loss, as most probably they can be recovered 80 to 90% via insurance compensation. What matters me is the company reputation and customers’ order! With the production is affected for 9 months or more, how can they deliver the goods to customers as their inventory only can last for 2 months?

I’m not sure the current factory capacity % and number of control machines at Plant 2, 3 & 4, but the affected factory is the core production site which consists of 1,500 control machines and about 1/3 of the machines are affected by fire. Assumed the capacity is about 80-90% with another 750 control machines, they only manage to cover 75 – 150 machines capacity while the remaining 70-80% of productions are not able to fulfill after 2 months.

Put aside the trust and the upcoming 9 months affected income, if they are not able to deliver the goods to customer but the customers are growing, what will happen next? The customers will definitely approach other manufacturers for the orders, may be for short term. But if other manufacturers are aggressive enough, providing perhaps a better quality and price than this problematic company, what will happen next? That’s what I worry about.

The revenue can sure come back upon the rebuild of the machines and production. But trust and orders cannot once customers ran away. Unless the management is able to demonstrate the outstanding leadership and effective way to solve this production issue, else I think that’s it.

The company market capitalization is about $312m before slump, and now at $230m upon slumped. Can you see that? The fire incident has caused $150m loss but the capital is only $230m. It looks very attractive provided the management takes a prudent steps to pinpoint this issue by next week.

Well, crisis always comes with opportunity. I think most probably I’ll give it a small shot on next Monday to average down my buying price, regardless the share price slumps further, retains or bounces back. I personally think this company is still having a bright future, but perhaps I have to hold longer than I expected now.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

How to Fake Confidence

I watched a video lately from YouKu and found out there are 4 small key areas to boost (fake) our confidence from a seduction guru.


How? Basically you don't have to be loaded, smart and charming, just be self-confidence with the following keys:

(1) Always having a relax and steady appearance.
Your appearance will always look relax and steady, including stand and sit posture. You also responding your opponent's question in steady and pausing mode. By acting so, you are basically not worrying anything at all time, you can handle everything under relax and steady situation. Hence, it enhances the appearance confidence.

(2) Take care of your physical appearance / image.
Yes, you don't have to be good looking. Yet you don't have to wear too over or too casual. Just be yourself and pay respect to yourself. It proves that you can take care of yourself in the first place.

(3) Don't boast or compliment yourself automatically. Some people are lack of confidence and they afraid others cannot notice them. A person who are confident do not worry about it. The best way is to be cocky and funny, somehow people feel good about it especially women.

(4) Be humorous
Humorous is not about telling jokes or funny story. It's about demonstrating your self-confidence level, where it proves that you have nothing to worry about and that's why you have time to be funny. Well, this is the hardest part but it can be learned. You can observe and learn the leaders, normally they have absolute humorous and always bring cheers and fun to be public whenever they are around.

That's the simple 4 key areas to pay attention to. Have a nice weekend, folks.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Malaysia Economy Is Getting Better or Worse?

As a Malaysian, we are happy to see our quarterly GDP has improved for the recent 2 quarters, 5.4% & 5.8% respectively.

By looking back the past 20 years GDP growth, actually Malaysia in average is able to obtain 5-7% GDP growth year-on-year. That is consider a stable and healthy growth under a developing country.


However, a lot of residents complained or felt that the local economy is not getting any better. They feel in pain. Why is that so, since the GDP from low point of 4.0% to 5.8% within 1 year?

I believe the major pain is the MYR currency depreciation against major currencies like USD and SGD. USD to MYR has appreciated from RM3.10 in year 2013 to RM4.40 lately, and now retrace a little bit to RM4.20. A whopping jump of 35%! Whereas SGD to MYR has appreciated from RM2.50 in year 2013 to RM3.15 lately, and now retrace to RM3.12. A significant jump of 25% as well. That means whatever imported to the country with these appreciated currencies, will be having price hike of at least 25-35%.

The second pain point is Government Service Tax (GST), 6% GST imposed on all items from April 2015 is also a drastic burden to all citizens. Every 1 dollar you spent, you will have to pay additional 6 cents. That's indirectly make the inflation goes up 6% straight.


There's another indirect impact which is the deterioration of the Government efficiency and business strategy. You can see most developing countries in ASEAN are trying to attract foreign direct investment (FDI) by improving internal infrastructure and procedure. But it seems like Malaysia is running backward. Well, I'm not sure about it but you can see the local well-known businessmen's negative comments and feedback in business magazines. We haven't talk about the Government investment scandal yet. ;(

With the combination of these 3 factors, how can the economy turns better in such a short time even with a good GDP statistics? Imagine if you used to make $1,000 and spent $700 and save $300. Now you will have to spend at least $800-$900 and only can save around $200-300. What can the citizens do? Tighten their belt in order to save more and sustain.

Remember, the salary is the one that won't be increased over such a short time, but inflation & the factors above.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

I'm Back

Time flies, I've been escaping from writing this blog for 7 weeks.

Usually on Sunday late noon, I spent my time to write this weekly blog article. For the past few months, I went out coffee with friends or do some casual articles reading over the Internet, because I'm bothering by a big issue in my life. :(


My purpose of writing this blog is to share, in terms of what I know, what I discover and what lessons I learned in my life. I hope the readers can benefit from those articles, as simple as that. So why I escaped and came back again?

Initially I thought of giving up, as there’s no response, no feedback and I’m quite demotivated to write it further. Until I saw a positive feedback comment last few days about my last blog article, which I missed the comment earlier. That’s the reason I’m back again. J

I'll update again next weekend. For now, let’s prepare to start a tough Monday again.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

18% Annual Return on Investment

If there's a company offering 18% annual return on Australia real estate investment project, are you interested to participate?

Of course I would love to, if it is genuine! But how to identify if it is genuine, or it's just another ponzi scheme like money game?

Well, just don't get excited and jump straight into it, even the plan you joined is endorsed by the government! I hit the stone before no worries, I understand how the investors feel.

Here's the full news of the suspected ponzi scheme.


Sunday, July 16, 2017

The Only Way to Get Rich Safely for Normal People

I have been thinking how to get rich for many years. Well, I guess a lot of people are thinking the same thing. But most of us still at the same spot. We probably made and save some money which we are trying our best. We sacrifice a lot of things to work hard and trying to get more income, and we did get so. However, inflation and assets appreciation kill our hard earn money badly.

I remembered a kolomee in my hometown used to cost me $3.50 10 years ago. Today it needs about $7.50. And seems like it is going to inflate higher and higher in the future. Same goes to property and stocks. Those good lots and counters, they are flying high and higher, and we never see their price return again.


I realized apart from work hard and smart is one thing. If we realized we are just ordinary people, investment is the only way to get us rich with lesser risk. I'm not talking about money game, you know you are not going to get such a high interest in any ordinary investment, or at least it's not long term. I'm talking about the only 2 in this world, stock market and property.

Regardless you are a boss, self employed or working for others, if you want to retire early with sufficient fund and overcome inflation, you will have to invest to let your money grows more than inflation. Invest in 'assets with potential valuable in the future' is the only way to gain capital appreciation AND regular consistent income. For property, it is rental income and for stock, it is dividend. And both return is definitely better than fixed deposit over the mid to long term.

However, it is not so straight forward. You must do a lot of homeworks, able to think independently, train your insight about the prospect, be daring and greedy when you think the opportunity comes, dare to commit mistake with loss of money, and finally, be able to think big. There's a lot of logic and experience behind this, those who complied and stick to the principles, win big.

Perhaps you think local property market has already reach a peak time. If you stick to the principles above, I'm sure there are cheap sale and opportunities. If you really think that you cannot afford for now, go for stock investment. It's highly affordable. I'm talking about stock investment, not speculation!

Refer to the diagram below, it depicts a better picture of how can your assets bring regular incomes to you even you don't work, compare to salary only. Yes, perhaps you think you already know this theory long time ago. So are you already succeed?

Fight alone is difficult. Perhaps you should join an aggressive group and let's fight hard together. :)

Have a nice working week ahead.

Saturday, July 8, 2017

2 Types of Knowledge

There's a story from Charlie Munger:

I frequently tell the apocryphal story about how Max Planck, after he won the Nobel Prize, went around Germany giving the same standard lecture on the new quantum mechanics.

Over time, his chauffeur memorized the lecture and said, “Would you mind, Professor Planck, because it's so boring to stay in our routine, if I gave the lecture in Munich and you just sat in front wearing my chauffeur's hat?” Planck said, “Why not?” And the chauffeur got up and gave this long lecture on quantum mechanics. After which a physics professor stood up and asked a perfectly ghastly question. The speaker said, “Well I'm surprised that in an advanced city like Munich I get such an elementary question. I'm going to ask my chauffeur to reply.”

In this world we have two kinds of knowledge. One is Planck knowledge, the people who really know. They’ve paid the dues, they have the aptitude. And then we’ve got chauffeur knowledge. They've learned the talk. They may have a big head of hair, they may have fine temper in the voice, they’ll make a hell of an impression.

But in the end, all they have is chauffeur knowledge. I think I’ve just described practically every politician in the United States.

And you are going to have the problem in your life of getting the responsibility into the people with the Planck knowledge and away from the people with the chauffeur knowledge.

And there are huge forces working against you. My generation has failed you a bit… but you wouldn’t like it to be too easy now would you?


Sunday, July 2, 2017

How to Keep Skin Looking Young?

I read a newspaper article 2 days ago about 3 sisters and their parents all look at least 10+ years younger than their actual age. The article topic immediately drew my attention.

The sisters age 36, 40 and 41, namely Sharon, Fay and Lure, but most of them look like late 20s. On top of that, all the 3 sisters look pretty and maintaining slim body. I personally prefer Lure, the eldest yet she has the most attractive face and attractive line. What shock me further is, their mother 63, but only look like 40+. That's amazing!

Lure (41), Fayfay (40) & Sharon (36)

What could be their secret when asked by the journalist? It turns out the family works their magic with hydration and proper diet. Lure said that the key is to drink water and eat vegetables. She added that moisturizing helps so - “you don’t even need to worry about aging and wrinkles”.

Do you believe what she said? Or we just give it a try?

For the entire news URL, you can read it here.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

3 Things You Should Do Every Day If You Want to be Successful

When it comes to money, it's easy to understand how daily habits add up. There are simple equations you can use and routines you can set up to make sure you stay within your budget.

But optimizing how we spend time is more difficult, psychologists say. Spending the odd hour scrolling through social media doesn't seem like such a bad thing until we realize what that time could have been used to accomplish.

Business titans like Bill Gates, Tony Robbins and Warren Buffett know that over time, daily habits can amount to big achievements. That's why they make a point of adhering to a few specific ones.

Here are three things to do every day to become more successful:

1. Take time to process

Every morning, Tony Robbins starts his day with 10 minutes of meditation that involves a specific breathing technique, prayer and a pep talk.


It sets him up for success, he says, because he primes himself to be grateful and calm. Having quiet time to analyze your thoughts is associated with stress reduction, studies show.

Meditation is also shown to boost activity in areas of the brain related to paying attention, indicating it could help you focus better throughout the day.

If you're interested in starting a meditation practice, entrepreneur and author Tim Ferriss has some great advice.

"Start small, rig the game so you can win it, get in five sessions before you get too ambitious with length," Ferriss says on his podcast. "You have to win those early sessions so you establish it as a habit, so you don't have the cognitive fatigue of that practice."

Begin with a two-minute routine a Harvard-trained psychologist recommends to help you relax.

2. Go on a daily walk or to the gym 

Spending even just a few minutes every day exercising will clear your head and make you feel more motivated, studies show. That's one of the reasons many successful business leaders make sure to work out.

Twitter co-founder and Square CEO Jack Dorsey likes to run six miles every morning. Oprah Winfrey practices yoga and makes sure to log over 10,000 steps each day on her fitness tracker.

Billionaire Richard Branson says his morning routine of waking up at 5 a.m. to play tennis or bike has doubled his productivity.

"I definitely can achieve twice as much by keeping fit," Branson tells FourYourBodyPress. "It keeps the brain functioning well."


If you don't have time to go to the gym, take five minutes to go on a walk. Stanford researchers found that the very act of walking boosted a person's creativity by an average of 60 percent.

-Tim Ferriss, entrepreneur and author of "Tools of Titans"

3. Pick up a book

Both Gates and Buffett make a point to read every day, a habit that research shows reduces stress and boosts intelligence.

"Reading books is my favorite way to learn about a new topic," Gates writes on his blog. "I've been reading about a book a week on average since I was a kid. Even when my schedule is out of control, I carve out a lot of time for reading."


Every evening before bed, he reads for one hour. By making time every day, he reads a whopping 50 books each year.

Buffett too credits much of his prowess to reading. He says he starts every morning by poring over several newspapers and estimates he spends as much as 80 percent of his day reading.

When asked once about the key to success, the Berkshire Hathaway CEO pointed to a stack of books and said, "Read 500 pages like this every day. That's how knowledge works. It builds up, like compound interest. All of you can do it, but I guarantee not many of you will do it."

As Ferriss writes in his popular book "Tools of Titans," habits are more important than we think.

"To enjoy life, you don't need fancy nonsense," Ferris writes, "but you do need to control your time."

Article Source:

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Malaysia's Hotels Check-In Time is 2pm Now?

Do you know West Malaysia, especially Kuala Lumpur (KL) and Melaka's most of the budgeted and mid cost hotels' check-in time has changed from 12pm to 2pm?

I only realized this when I brought my family there for vacation last week (and that's why there's no blog update from me last week ;)). The last time I visited KL was only early last year.


Out of my curiosity, I asked the receptionists but they did not tell me the truth. They just said it's their policy. I did ask Grab (similar to Uber in Malaysia) driver what's going on later. I was told that it's because the hotel operators are short of 'house keepers', due to increasing number of hotels and tourists, unable to find local workers, lesser foreign labors available as Malaysia currency has dropped so much and increasing foreign labor cost.

Well, I'm not sure if it's true, but it does makes sense they want to postpone the check-in time from 12pm to 2pm to alleviate the house keeping resources.

If you ask why there's no local people want to do house keeping job? Please don't get me wrong, they don't want to work for low to mid cost hotels due to the low pay condition.

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Project Management Professional (PMP)

If you are interested to be a project manager, or currently a project manager who wish to get a certification on project management, perhaps you can try to go for Project Management Professional (PMP) certification.

I did it before and it is not that difficult, as long as you put some efforts on it. Before I took it, I was a only 1.5 years project manager, which is consider green. For exam details, you can refer to PMI web site, as it can be changed from time to time. But we have no choice that we have to sit there for a couple of hours like a student to go through hundreds of questions!

Below are how I did for my PMP certification:

1. When I did research via Internet, most of the people are proposing PMP Exam Prep from Rita Mulcahy. Without hesitate, I purchased PMP Exam Prep latest edition written by Rita Mulcahy. It costs about USD60-80 depends on where you buy. You can buy directly from Amazon for cost saving. No doubt, the content she written are really aim for exam prep. The way she tried to explain is bringing us to the right understanding on what the answer we should input. One time study may not enough because I don't really get 60% of understanding from my first study. The book is quite thick but the second time should be very fast.I spent about 4 weeks to read it twice.


2. When I started my 2nd time study on PMP exam prep, I have registered for the official 4 days PMP training course at Kuala Lumpur (KL). The instructor was the famous MC Leong. I managed to pick up the training syllabus easily because I have done item 1. Among all students, I was the only one can pick up, while the rests are facing some challenge as the instructor is doing knowledge transfer based on the PMI's PMBOK (A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge) text book.

3. Upon return from the training, I scheduled for the exam in 3 weeks time. I went through the PMBOK text book once and then start to do sample exam questions available from the Internet.


4. The final stage is doing the exam. I flew over to KL again for my PMP exam. It was a sleepless night as I was stress. I only managed to sleep a couple of hours then attend the 4 hours long rally exam! About 45 mins before time's up, I managed to finished the questions. I examined back the questions which I have doubt, and then end the exam 20 mins before ending. And kaching! it shows passed!

For those who is single, have free time at night and weekend, and on the project management path, perhaps it's time to go for PMP. It's an excited one.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Past Experience Can Causes Mistake

I learned an interesting lesson few days ago when I got a loaner car from local KIA/Mazda service center for my car issue inspection. I would like to share something with you here.

Well, I have drive a car with the located functions over the past 20 years. I would say I'm very experience in driving a car, including how to switch on a air-con, release break, etc. But, I have to admin I was wrong after this lesson.

The car service center loan a Mazda 929 to me this time, which I have never drive before but I would say it's classic and old. I'm not sure why they treat me so 'good', as previously they have loaned me Optima, Carens, Sorento, etc.

Mazda 929 vs 6

When I got the car at service center, I noticed it is the same breaking system with Mercedes. I try to press the break pedal to release the break. But I couldn't and it stuck there. I tried to look around alternative for a couple of minutes, but to no avail. In the end I have walk inside the service center and ask the counter service guy for assistance. He showed to me that there's a break release puller to release the break, which is located at the lower left of the steering.

I have to admit this design is sucks, as it is totally blocked by the steering. The 'break release' label on it also the same color as the puller, how am I suppose to notice it? However, when think back, I have leverage too much on my past experience. And my focus is only on using my past experience driving Mercedes to release the break. I believe that's the point where I didn't notice the puller when I look through the options over the dashboard.

And after driving for a while, I noticed the car air-con is not working! I thought my car would be fixed by the end of the day as I sent in before 8am on Thu. I need to bare with it for just 1 day.  I feel very dizzy in the late noon because the weather is very hot and I need to drive around for working. What make thing worsen is, I didn't get call to collect the car in the late noon.

The next day, I decided to call the service center to complain about the loaner car. How dare they loan me the car to drive without an air-con! I looked for the same guy and asked for my car status, unfortunately they told me they need me to leave it over the weekend to further fix the defects. I asked him about the air-con, and he said that car air-con was modified, I just need to switch it on from the right of the steering (1st switch from left) instead of the central air-con switch:

Modified aircon switch

I was speechless.

The moral of my story, try not to judge or make final decision based on past experience alone. There's always something we overlook, or beyond what we have know or seen. ;)

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Movie Review: Passengers 2016

I just watched Passengers last night, and hence would like to give a review about this movie. I'm sorry as I know this is a Dec 2016 movie but I just came across it yesterday!


In summary, the story line sounds very simple and boring, but when watch along I feel it is all right and I managed to watch it in one shoot (normally I split a movie few times to watch). What keep me watching is the interesting stuffs found in the movie when Chris Pratt trying to explore new stuffs in the spacecraft. After a while Jennifer Lawrence joined, then only started the typical dating story. Next, it comes the very typical disaster, and end by typical ending.

There's no surprise for the movie, and overall only 3-4 people are staring in this movie! But somehow director managed to make use of the spaceship new things to create the curiosity out from us. On top of that, Jennifer Lawrence is pretty and she is trying hard to show off her body. That's the only selling point I guess.

Below are my review rating about Passengers:
Cast: 7.5/10
Plot: 8.5/10
Effect: 7/10
Action: N/A
Story line: 4/10
Overall: 7/10

You can spend time to watch, if you like about adventurous. ;)

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Money Game's Joke

As you know Money Game is really a hot topic in Malaysia for the past 2 weeks. There's a joke about how it works.


"One day, the vegetable market comes a beggar. Some people donate him some money, but most people don't.

The beggar asked and recorded all the people's address who donated him some money. After few days, a Bentley stopped in front of him. He rides on the car and visited each of the person in the address list to pay back the money, but pay back in 10 times of what they offered earlier. $1 he gave $10 back, and $5 he gave $50 back. The news was spread widely and most people in the vege market were shocked.

The next day, he came to the market again. The mass started to rush and gave him money. Within an hours, more than hundreds have passed the money to him. As usual, he records all the people address properly. The next few days, he brought assistants and more and more people gave him money. He also promised he will return they money to them in few days time.

After one week, the people started to stop giving money to him. And hence, the beggar collected a lot of money, then he left for good and did not return anyone's money.

The name of the beggar is called ......... Money game."


I have involved in money game once, and of course, I was very unlucky as I joined during the last stage, where the fund has already grew up to $200M. After joined for less than 3 months, it collapsed and the rest is history. I paid $8,000 for this lesson. ;(

Sunday, April 30, 2017

To Buy or Rent a House?

Accidentally comes across the video below, to buy or rent a house for your own stay?

Your call.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

How Good is Your Adversity Quotient (AQ)?

I came across Aversity Quotient while reading a business magazine this morning. Hence, would like to share it with you here. Hope it will helps in your success and performance of whatever you are doing.

The information you are about to read is a clip of the introductory concepts and principles of Adversity Quotient (AQ) developed by Dr. Paul Stoltz. Complete information on this subject can be further accessed through his website at

Definition & Concept 

Dr. Paul Stoltz defines Adversity Quotient as “the capacity of the person to deal with the adversities of his life. As such, it is the science of human resilience.”

For many years, researchers have devoted a great deal of their studies to Intelligence Quotient (IQ) and Emotional Quotient (EQ), which are considered to be determinants of success and superior accomplishment. A decade ago (1997), Paul Stoltz introduced a new yet interesting & intriguing concept – Adversity Quotient (AQ), which tells how well one withstands adversity and his ability to triumph over it. In fact, more researches recently have shown that measurement of AQ is a better index in achieving success than IQ, education or even social skills.

By understanding the concept of AQ we can better understand how we and others react to challenge and adversity in all aspects of our lives. In fact, how people respond to adversity is a strong indicator of ability to succeed in many endeavors.

Scientific Backbone of AQ 

AQ is rooted in three sciences: psychoneuroimmunology, neurophysiology, and cognitive psychology. They are its building blocks. Hundreds of research studies lend support to the role AQ plays in determining one’s ability to triumph over obstacles.

Psychoneuroimmunology is a field in science that examines the mind-body relationship. In essence, it studies the relationship between what one thinks and feels and what goes on in the body. How do thoughts and feelings affect the body and its overall health?

• Bottom Line Your thoughts and emotions determine the strength of your body chemistry down to the cellular level.

Neurophysiology is a field in science that focuses on the brain. It studies how the brain learns and functions. How are habits formed and what must occur to change habits once they are established?

• Bottom Line The brain is ideally equipped to hardwire habits of thought and behavior.

Cognitive Psychology is the most popular aspect of psychology focusing on the relationships between thoughts and feelings associated with one’s mental health. While there are many aspects to cognitive psychology, of particular importance to AQ is the research examining the human need for control or mastery over one’s life.

• Bottom Line Learned Helplessness, considered to be the “Landmark Theory of the Century,” explains why many people give up or stop short when faced with life’s challenges.

Measurement Tool 

To measure AQ, Stoltz developed an assessment instrument called Adversity Response Profile (ARP).

The Adversity Response Profile is the only scientifically-grounded tool in existence for measuring how effectively one deals with adversity, or one’s AQ. AQ, according to him, is a valid predictor of one’s success, stress-threshold, performance, risk-taking, capacity for change, productivity, perseverance, improvement, energy, and health.

The ARP is a highly valid assessment instrument based on 25 years of research and 1000+ studies at more than 150 universities and organizations worldwide. Unlike IQ, AQ can be improved!

AQ scores fall into 3 broad bands, with an expected normal distribution.

Low (0-59) AQ characteristics:
• Low levels of motivation, energy, performance, and persistence.
• Tendency to ‘catastrophize’ events.

Moderate (95-134) AQ characteristics:
• Under utilization of potential.
• Problems take a significant and unnecessary toll, making climbing difficult.
• A sense of helplessness and despair arises from time to time.

High AQ (166-200) characteristics:
• Able to withstand significant adversity and continue forward and upward progress.
• Maintains appropriate perspective on events and responses to them.

AQ response is comprised of four CORE dimensions. Understanding them is the first step toward improving your response to adversity, expanding your capacity, and, ultimately, increasing your overall AQ.

Now, look at your CORE breakdown and determine which aspects of the AQ you need to improve.

C = Control 
To what extent can you influence the situation?
How much control do you perceive you have?
Those with higher AQs perceive they have significantly more control and influence in adverse situations than do those with lower AQs. Even in situations that appear overwhelming or out of their hands, those with higher AQs find some facet of the situation they can influence. Those with lower AQs respond as if they have little or no control and often give up.

O = Ownership 
To what extent do you hold yourself responsible for improving this situation?
To what extent are you accountable to play some role in making it better?
Accountability is the backbone of action. Those with higher AQs hold themselves accountable for dealing with situations regardless of their cause. Those with lower AQs deflect accountability and most often feel victimized and helpless.

R = Reach 
How far does the fallout of this situation reach into other areas of your work or life?
To what extent does the adversity extend beyond the situation at hand?
Keeping the fallout under control and limiting the reach of adversity is essential for efficient and effective problem solving. Those with higher AQs keep setbacks and challenges in their place, not letting them infest the healthy areas of their work and lives. Those with lower AQs tend to catastrophize, allowing a setback in one area to bleed into other, unrelated areas and become destructive.

E = Endurance 
How long will the adversity endure?
Seeing beyond even enormous difficulties is an essential skill for maintaining hope. Those with higher AQs have the uncanny ability to see past the most interminable difficulties and maintain hope and optimism. Those with lower AQs see adversity as dragging on indefinitely, if not permanently.

Note: The average ARP score is 147.5.

Responding to Adversity 

At the highest level people fall into two groups:

A. Pessimists
• Consider any adversity to be permanent, all pervading, and deeply personal.
• They believe that any crisis will never end, and that it will destroy everything.
• They also believe it is their fault.

B. Optimists
• See adversity and problems as challenges
• See problems as temporary, limited, and external to themselves.
• Do not internalize issues, and have a ‘This too shall pass’ philosophy.

How to Improve AQ?

Listen to your response to adversity.
Explore all origins and your ownership responses.
Analyze the evidence.
Do something. 


Sunday, April 16, 2017

Property Investment - Loan Compression Strategy?

A lot people want to make money out of property market due to its 'easiness' and 'do nothing' but via rental and capital appreciation. However, there's a guru shared in FB that the one should try to avoid Loan Compression.

What is "Loan Compression"? Do you know what the consequences are if the local banks found out?

It means when you are greedy wanting to buy 3 properties at the same time knowing that your income can only support 1 unit, u are trying to trick different banks by submitting different applications for your 3 separate unit loans, and when both bank gives loan approval, u sign at the same time *(hoping that the bank won’t check your CCRIS before releasing your loan) and you've successfully tricked the bank by buying 3 property at the same time which your income supposedly only able to afford 1 unit.

Everybody knows in year 2011 Bank Negara had imposed a ruling of MoF (Margin of Finance) 70% or LTV (Loan to Value) 70% for 3rd property onward. (Which was meant to bring down household debts, reduce gearing, and control housing prices).

When one is being greedy, in order to buy more at the same time with 90% loan young innocent individuals are advised by so called expert Property Guru to Multiple Submission using "Loan Compression" technique.

This is based on true story where a local financing expert property guru teaching an innocent lady to execute Loan Compression.

Last night a little naive and innocent lady came to me and ask for this ethical FB guru advise that whether what she is doing now being rational or not. She paid money to join a class conducted by a Property Guru and join them into purchase of a RM1million property with rebates up to 20%.
(If she can get a loan up to 90%, she is able to Cash out RM100k from this purchase, because developer mark up SPA giving higher rebates).

As a matter of fact, this little lady is a salary earner only getting a paycheck of RM8,000 a month.
She was advised by the property guru to WHACK x5 units at the same time (RM1mil x 5 = RM5million portfolio = RM4.5mil loans = RM500k Cash Out).

Using Loan compression technique trying to deceive the banks by submitting application into 5 different banks hoping that all loans will get through so that she will Cash Out RM500k with a RM4.5million loans to repay, a monthly installment of up to RM25,000 *(plus maintenance = RM28,000 TOTAL).

Banks before releasing/disburse the loan to the developer, the credit/risk department will once again check the applicant ccris, and all the loans will reflect in the ccris if Loan Offer signed. Once the bank sees there are x5 loans under ccris with a total of RM4.5mil loans, it will trigger an "ALERT" and Then the Risks & Investigation Officer will:

1.    Terminate the applicant loan acceptance (and put the individual name into Special Attention Record) within all the banks (Internal Systems) in future she will likely not being able to get loan from this bank anymore.
2.    The bank will recall the loan acceptance (consider nothing happened). LUCKY case.
3.    The bank will INVESTIGATE this individual by interviewing the applicant to justify what are the loans. Once found out, the bank will REDUCE THE LOAN MARGIN to 70% and applicant requires to pay additional differential of 10% to the developer (because got 20% rebates off spa initially).
4.    If the loan has disburse/drawdown to the developer, and after few months Bank's risk dept will random pick applicants to check their ccris, if found out there are multiple loans in ccris, banks will investigate the applicant to justify the loans. If cannot justify, the banks will RECALL and REDUCE the margin to 70%. Hence applicants need to top up the 10% to BANK, because bank has release the loan money to developer.

If the purchaser cannot afford to pay and bail out, then BANKRUPTCY is her only option!

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Personal Sales Experience Sharing

In my previous post, I shared on the common traits about top sales. Today, I would like to share a little bit on my sales experience. 

I do involving in the sales field, unfortunately I'm not the top sales in my industry in terms of numbers. Currently I'm still far away from the top sales. Nonetheless, I'm a person who is always wanting to spend effort to improve and achieve my goals. 

I noticed that extraordinary hardworking is insufficient nowadays, as most of the sales will have to do so. To stand out from the ordinary batch, my experience taught me 3 things, as follows:

1) Work differently 

If you follow the same sales strategy and methods that most salespersons are applying, then the outcome perhaps more or less the same. Yes, price always dominant the decision, but it's not 100%. That is why we have top sales. How to work differently? 

There's many strategies you can find online or from books, The advantages can be relationship i.e. make friends, sales pitch i.e. know how to convince, referrals - highly recommended by prospects' friends, etc.

2) Prepare to change

Things are changing, so do sales strategy, products and solutions. I do see some products have not make a single change over the past 5 years, and that is why their revenues are dropping. To remain on top or become a top sales, sales strategy always need to accommodate or adjust to the latest trend or market. Or we call it constantly improve. Don't strictly follow the rules. 

For example, I noticed one IT infrastructure vendor is a top sales vendor selling network hardware solution. And recently they have launched new network solution which is cloud. And the customers are buying their ideas because the cloud solution saves them a lot of CAPEX.

3) Efficiency

With the advent of the technology, communications make easier, and things get done faster nowadays. So do our efficiency. We all like to be serve in priority. For example, an ordinary salesperson spent about 3 days to handle 1 case, we tried to spend 1 day instead. I'm always practicing it, and believe me, it always works and the customer might return if the price is right. 


Sunday, April 2, 2017

Common Traits for Local Top Sales

I read a business magazine lately reporting a couple of top sales in Taiwan doing well amid this economy recession. Coincidentally, I also came across a local newspaper article on reporting a couple of top sales that are doing very well amid the worsen economy situation in Malaysia. And what beaten me was, I also came across the local top sales sharing how they walk against the crowd to get their title on air (radio)!

You have to know most of the salespersons are struggling for their numbers during this hard time. It’s very challenging to exceed the target quota company assigned and become the top sales during this period. But if you are, then I would like to congratulate you. Because you managed to stand out of the crowd and become a top sales during this period! And if you managed to hit it now, most probably you will be doing even better when the good time is coming.

Apart from sharing their numbers hit, they also shared what are the secrets to achieve it. Well, some you may feel are common, entertaining and exaggerated, but some perhaps can take it as reference. However there are few traits and sharing these successful top sales have in common. Below are few of them I remembered and would like to share with you.

1)      Faced Initial Failure and Rejection
Most of them faced initial failure. Even though they spent a lot of efforts, they get a lot of rejections from the customers initially. Some of them are not familiar with the products or services, workflow, industry, etc, that caused them losing the deals.

2)      Getting a mentor
Most of them have a mentor or immediate supervisor / manager which have vast experience and successful assisting them.

3)      Extraordinary hardworking
They are extraordinary hardworking than anyone else in the group, company and industry. This seems the essential rule of thumb to climb in the sales field. They sacrificed their leisure, dating, family and hobby in order to work this out.

4)      Passion in their job
Normally you found they have great passion in what they are doing. Yes, perhaps it’s because of money, but they do like to do it. Else, eventually the customer can feel that they are just entertaining them for money only.

5)      They treat the customers as friends
Well, it’s always easier to sell to friends compare to stranger, because friends do help!

6)      Stay out of comfortable zone
If you want to be outstanding, you have to try something other salespersons don’t try. Perhaps some of unique sales tactics and strategies. Else how to achieve outstanding numbers? Always staying out of comfortable zone in order to make more out of it.

If you want to make more money at this difficult time and you are highly interested with the traits above, perhaps you can consider to be involving in the sales field.

In fact, these traditional traits are actually in the midst of outdated from my opinion. If you are able to think and do out of the box, perhaps you will make it anyhow. 

Sunday, March 26, 2017

How to Improve Employees Loyalty?

I always hear a lot of bosses complaining about their staff, in terms of performance, quality and loyalty.

Among all, perhaps employers would like to pay high attention to high performance staffs’ loyalty. As they may able to churn out infinite values to the company. If they are not taken care properly, they may either jump to competitor or come out at their own to seek for better return.

I have come across a magazine’s article about 3 simple ways on how to improve the royalty of the employees, to let them fight for you.

1.       Reward Adequately
I did see some stingy and generous bosses. But please don’t get me wrong. Some bosses have their own ways to reward their staffs, but they are pretty stingy when come to operating and personal expenses. If the staff achieve what they want, please do reward adequately. With great reward, they will know how to achieve out of their best. Else, who want to fight hard for you without it?

2.       Empowerment
Avoid micro management. Once you empowered your trusted employee to execute the goal, he / she should have full authorization. Do not overwrite them unless they are misaligned with the goal. If you feel uncomfortable, do ask them to provide weekly report or have weekly meeting to discuss the progress.
3.       Prioritization

Human makes mistakes, so do your trusted staffs when they execute the company’s goal. Do prioritize the goal and embrace their mistakes. Discipline is important. But sometimes because of pursuing company’s goal, it is unavoidable to break the rule to get the best out of it.

4.       Encouragement
The boss would need to consistently encourage and make sure the staff are progressing. The history shows that they can execute the company goal better if there’s positive courage from the superior. A simple conversation of the day perhaps will makes his / her day.

Have fun being a management.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Discovering of Value Added Employee

I went to a famous old time coffee shop for tea break while waiting for cash wash this evening.

I guess this coffee shop has about minimum 20 to 30 foreign waitors and they are required to wear uniform during working. One of them somehow in casual wear and I found out he is actually on leave today.

What surprised me is that, he served the customers whenever available, while spending his free time to sit down to talk to customer, go out direct car traffics, and walk around. Is this what we called value added employee?

Perhaps he has nothing to do during that period, but he still help the boss to serve the customers during his leave. There's definitely no extra pay for that. How many of us willing to do so? Is it what we called value added employee?

I believe most of the bosses would like this kind of employee. Not only because the extra hard works, but it is more like contributing as one of the family members, trying to help whenever possible. 

If this kind of spirit exists in a company, I strongly believe the company can do better than others, have the bigger possibility to attract more customers and obtain more revenues, and eventually, the boss can distribute bigger bonuses to the employees under normal circumstances.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Generate Cash Flow from Property Rental

With the drastic hike of property prices for the past 8 years with the economy recession over the past 1 year, most of property investors facing great challenges on generating positive cash flow from their existing residential property. For rental supporter like me, I think most of our objective is the same and simple, we just want to fully cover our monthly mortgage using our rental income. But how?

I noticed there's a guru discussed about this topic in Facebook, and I thought of discuss about this topic today. I have some thoughts about it last night, perhaps I'm not an innovative person, I have not much ideas about it. Nonetheless, below are the 5 common ideas that I noticed they are in practice nowadays.

1) Homestay
Convert your residential unit into homestay and promote it under homestay app i.e. Airbnb, instead of monthly rental. This can generate huge positive cash flow compared to monthly rental income. It's tax free some more! However, this is suitable only for tourist hotspot, CBD or city center.

2) Turn into Many Rooms
If your residential unit is located at CBD or city center, perhaps you can partition your unit into as many rooms as possible, and rent it per room basis. This also can then turn to homestay if you want to. If it's condo, you may need to check with the building management if you are allow to do so.

3) Dual Keys Condo Unit
If your unit is dual keys unit, you are able to split the unit into 2 tenants or more. Hence, generate more rental income for your unit.

4) Target Niche Tenant
Some affordable tenants favor certain interior design, setup, lifestyle and property type. Target them and then renovate towards what they are looking for. Of course the risk is higher, but potential return is there.

5) Leverage on Agent
Look for a outstanding agent, get their advice and pay extraordinary commission to them to get what you want. Perhaps this is the better way if 1-4 are no suit for you.

There should be more creative and innovative ideas out there. All the best, property investors!

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Hyundai or Toyota?

Last few days ago, I saw a local e-newspaper article reporting about the Chinese citizens trying to smash a KOREAN car due to the built of missile shield in South Korea from Korea and USA.

But if you pay attention to the car model in the photo, is it a Toyota or Hyundai?

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Truth of Life?

Found an interesting picture from Facebook last week would like to share with you here. Look at the picture below, do you have any feeling about it?

I believe different age will have different feeling. For those in the mid age of 30 to 40, they might realize it is true. Imagine economy has been in a bad shape for 2 years, high inflation and currency depreciation, we are not sure when it will going to be recovered. We have to work extraordinary hard to exchange for more money. These money may be just barely keep us survive, take care of our self and family. If it is excess, we will make use of it for health protection, savings and investment for our retirement or children educations.

And in the end, we are just like the old man in the picture, chasing all the way till we are old enough. We then got the wealth, but we forgotten to enjoy and do more important things around us when we are capable to do so.

It reminds me the top billionaires in ASEAN countries, where they are also fighting extraordinary hard to keep or expand their business empires. When they are old, they cannot bring the wealth away, but to pass to their children, if no then successor.

Even the picture is just a joke, but it does indicate a lesson to us. No doubt, money is vital but it just part of our life. More importantly, we should do what we like. Time is gold, we should enjoy ourselves while making money. How I wish I can return to 15 years ago and choose the profession I like! 

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Property vs Stock Investment – Part 3

I started to 'invest' in KLSE stock market in the mid of year 2009, where the market started to recover from bottom. At that time it was a very good timing, majority of the counters shooting up like rockets due to general market recovery. 

I found that it is very interesting as stock market can makes money without doing anything physically. So I started to read a lot of stock investment related books and online articles. I made some money from it from year 2009 to 2012, with return ranging from 12% to 34%. Unfortunately, I'm not investing, but more like speculation. That is why my return is not consistent, even though I increase my investment capital. 

When the market turns bad in 2013, I started to lose money till 2015, ranging from +3% (worse than FD) to -2%. I'm very fade up with stock market and turn back to property investment. But I believe it is worse with the long term financial commitment I committed. So I decided to focus my remaining very small investment capital on local stock market again by end of last year. So far I feel that it is one of the only ways to get good return, if I got the right one by using my past experience and lessons.

Back to stock market investment itself, is it risky? Yes, used to be higher than property investment, because the counter you bought sometimes unable to generate income for you, if the share price goes down or they are not distributing dividend. Property investment used to have very low risk as it brings positive cash flow to investors. But most of them not anymore, due to the huge appreciation on the property price and rental rate cannot pick up in tandem. 

Imagine you have to pay property loan of $3,000 monthly and yet your rental is only $2,200. People may say it is a bad investment because you are losing monthly cash flow of $800. It is very risky by hoping for capital appreciation especially in this bad situation. What if both your tenant and you have cash flow issue and having issue to pay the monthly property loan? That's the risk. 

What about stock investment risk? In fact, the risk is not high as well considering the investment choice you have now, only if you know how to play the game. 

To be continued...

Sunday, February 12, 2017

2016 Top 10 Richest Men in Malaysia

I noticed the newspaper is featuring the latest top 10 richest men in Malaysia these few days. I would like to share with you the summary and my thinking here.

As expected, no. 1 is still belongs to Robert Kuok, with accumulated RM36.7 billion, with listed companies over Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong (China). He has been in the top 1 position for many years, where his businesses covering palm oil, hotel and logistics.

Robert Kuok is a very low profile and humble person, perhaps the most low profile among all top 10 wealthiest businessmen.When he was young, he has already felt in love with those outstanding people who is very low profile.

I still kept his interview session video clip with me, which recorded about 4 years ago. He advice whoever do business must be daring. He gave suggestions that the one must be (1) focus, (2) patient, and (3) dare to fail. At the same time, he urged not to forget about charity and social responsibility.

Robert is 94 this year, who is the oldest among the top 10 billionaires.

The second chair goes to Tan Sri Lim Kok Thay, accumulated RM22.3 billion. The most well known businesses are entertainment and gaming business namely Genting and resort worlds operating in Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, US, UK. They also operates cruise for gaming purpose worldwide.

Lim is 66 years old this year, the 2nd youngest in the top 10 (thought we considered he is old man). I seldom hear about Lim's sharing in public, but more to his company's business expansion news. But we can see he is very aggressively expanding the gaming business. And that is why his accumulated wealth is also growing aggressively, rising from 3rd to 2nd richest man this year.

The 3rd richest man is Tan Sri Teh Hong Piow, with accumulation of RM20.3 billion, rising from 4th place last year. His businesses are pretty straight forward and simple, Public Bank and LPI insurance company. Public Bank is still the best ROI and money making bank in Malaysia today. It's share price always growing steadily and healthy, in tandem with it's revenue and profit.

I do think that Public Bank is always play safe and take minimal risk, but some how it's result still very convincing. I would say it's efficiency and cost control are at a very good level.

Teh is 87 years old but up to today he has not appoint successor yet to take over his empire.

Top 4 - Ananda Krishnan with RM19.9 billion - telco, O&G and satellite business
Top 5 - Tan Sri Lee Shin Cheng with RM19 billion - palm oil and property development
Top 6 - Tan Sri Lau Cho Kun with RM16.4 billion - property dev, car agent, palm oil, finance, etc.
Top 7 - Tan Sri Quek Leng Chan with RM13.5 billion - banks, steel, cement, property dev, etc.
Top 8 - Tan Sri Yeoh Tiong Lay with RM10.3 billion - utilities, property dev, cement, IT, etc.
Top 9 - Tan Sri G. Gnanalingam with RM6.7 billion - port operators
Top 10 - Tan Sri Syed Mokhtar Al-bukhary with RM4.9 billion - Flour, rice, mining, O&G, port operators, logistics, car manufacturer, utilities, construction,etc. (mostly govt link companies)

Overall, the top 10 richest men encompass 7 Chinese including the top three, 2 Indians and 1 Malay. The youngest is 65 years old, Syed Mokthar in 10th place, and oldest is Robert, 94. With Malaysia's politics and current situation, I do not see the young generation can come up so soon. But there's always a chance, we will see.

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Chinese New Year Catch-up

I’m having vacation in my hometown for Chinese New Year for the past 10 days. I have plenty of time to catch up with relatives, ex-classmates and friends. Time flies, it comes to an end for my long break and will need to go back to work by tomorrow.

I have attended more than 10 catch-up sessions, and mostly talked about the following topics, repeatedly:
1.       How’s other ex-classmates doing
2.       Where is pretty / handsome ex-classmate now and who are they married to?
3.       Who is the most successful person among the ex-classmates?
4.       How to make more money? What to invest in this difficult situation?
5.       Are you married? How many kids to you have?
6.       Have you bought a house? Where?
7.       Who divorced? Involved into accident, in newspapers?
8.       What’s the near future plan?

In fact, most of us did not change much, except the body shape and the faces are getting more matured.

There’s one thing I found interesting. Most of the ex-classmates who were good in studies, they are working for others and under multi-national companies. Some of the notorious ex-classmates, they started their own businesses, and it seems they are now makes more money than those had outstanding exam results. It’s worth to think about why.

Another interesting thing I found out. Those having good looking / pretty, most of them got married. But those not so competitive (not from financial perspective), some of them still available right now.

And finally, about 20-30% of ex-classmates have settled down in other cities, majority staying in Australia, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. Perhaps they can make a lot more money there, and found their spouses there as well.

It is interesting to catch up with ex-classmates and old friends at least once a year, to get to know what, how and where are we doing. Life is short, human are born to be communicated, if you are able to speak and listen.

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