Sunday, September 10, 2017

I'm Back

Time flies, I've been escaping from writing this blog for 7 weeks.

Usually on Sunday late noon, I spent my time to write this weekly blog article. For the past few months, I went out coffee with friends or do some casual articles reading over the Internet, because I'm bothering by a big issue in my life. :(


My purpose of writing this blog is to share, in terms of what I know, what I discover and what lessons I learned in my life. I hope the readers can benefit from those articles, as simple as that. So why I escaped and came back again?

Initially I thought of giving up, as there’s no response, no feedback and I’m quite demotivated to write it further. Until I saw a positive feedback comment last few days about my last blog article, which I missed the comment earlier. That’s the reason I’m back again. J

I'll update again next weekend. For now, let’s prepare to start a tough Monday again.

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