Thursday, January 30, 2014

Learn Through Mistake

No doubt, we all make mistakes, and I believe we all try to avoid mistakes by doing the right thing. THis is because making a mistake is pain, in terms of feeling and other causes, like loss of money or resources.

Well, I made some mistakes over these 2 months, and few of them are quite heavy. I was so regret and upset when it happened, because they are stupid mistakes. The feeling is really bad, especially they are stupid mistakes. I believe you do experience the same thing, at least once or twice a year.

I'm thinking whether there is a way to avoid this kind of stupid mistakes. The only way I can think of is always on alert, think properly before you do something or make a decision, and don't be lazy to think one step ahead. Proactive and thinking definitely will help to avoid stupid or common mistakes.

However, we are all human. No matter how smart and how many steps we think ahead, sometimes and somehow, stupid mistakes will still happened. Perhaps because we are too focus on other matter or problem and didn't pay much attention to certain matter, or we are upset, sick, and so on.

So the rule of thumb, don't bother about the stupid mistake too much even they happened twice a day onto you. If it happens for the first time, get regret and upset for a maximum of 10 minutes and then try to remember it hardly. After that, just let it go and I'm sure I won't repeat the same mistake again, at least not the coming few months as long as it's still inside my memory. I feel like I'm a better person by using this method.

Okay. I just made another stupid mistake by updated the content to the wrong blog. Hahahaha!!!

We all learn and we will become the wise men. It's Chinese New Year in 30 minutes. Happy Chinese New Year to all Chinese folks!

Sunday, January 19, 2014

What Would You Do If You Given a Chance?

What would you do the first thing if you wake up one day in the morning and you are back in 10 years ago?

Back in 10 years ago, I was a IT Systems Engineer working on a huge IT project, from year 2004 to 2005. I really did not like that project because it's very tough. I almost complaint everyday during that period. But it has sharpen my skills a lot from there. When I think back, it is really a waste of time, and I should spend my time properly and do something more meaningful.

Now, if there is really such thing happen on me, the first thing I would go check out the stock market and property market. I remembered 1998 is market crash and 2001 is the technology bubble burst, so 2004 should be the time where both markets is under recovery. No brainer, I will dump all my savings into blue chips under stock market and let them roll, while try to get a bank loan to invest a shoplot in a prime area. Then I'll be a lot richer after 10 years, which means today. Wow, that's sound to good to be true!

On the other hand, I think I'm going to patch up those things I did wrong. Well, as the wise people said, don't repeat the same mistakes again. And if I can remember any past tragedy on myself or others, I will try to stop them and help others, try to make things more wonderful.

And finally, I will quickly change my career from engineer to sales, as it can make me more income.

Yes, that's very perfect. But well, it definitely won't happen. So if I fast forward to 10 years later from today, it's 2014. By that time, I'll be 44 years old. Perhaps wealth, health and family are the most important things during that time. Perhaps I can start to look into them for now, and build it for the future, just like what I want to do when I go back to 10 years ago.

Life is short, folks!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Hardwork to Earn Luck

I read a book recently written by Jimmy Lai, a media tycoon from Hong Kong.

He said, if being asked, luck and hardwork, which one is more important?
He said hardwork is a lot more important. This is because only hardwork can bring you luck.

I'm very impressed when I read his reply. When I was young, I always think that I will be success and get rich when I grow up. However, I don't have an ambition of what to do to get rich when I grow up. Thus, I think it must be luck to bring me forward and I think luck is very important.

Up to today, I'm so disappointed to tell you that I'm not even a millionaire and it's far behind. When I reviewed what have I done over the past 20 over years, I don't really pay much effort to the life I want. My parents pampered me a lot, and I thought because I'm lucky.

Now they grow old, and it's my turn to take care of them. I feel very pressure because they don't have any savings, medical card and the overall cost living at my hometown is rising a lot within these few years. Luck is no longer valid as a reason for me to make a living and it's getting more challenging.

It seems like the only way out is hardwork and hopefully hardwork can earn me some luck, not only my career but also in health, investment and relationship. Let me prove Jimmy Lai is correct.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Play Golf

I love to play basketball when I was young, from 15 to 30 years old. It's a very long period but I just think teamwork is fun. After I cannot perform any more and due to stamina problem, I changed it to badminton since a couple of years back. Okay, I only can play double as I have stamina problem.

After a few years, somehow I cannot excel in badminton due to lack of effort and practice. I treat it as exercise only, but I still want to be a strong player.

Recently, I met a few friends who is playing golf. They tried to convince me to play it, not only as companion but benefit in terms of get to know more people and may help in business. Well, I'm not interested in a one-man show sport as it looks very boring. So I rejected them since few months back.

My good friend even brought me to golf shop to shop for club and wears yesterday. I was stunned when I see the clubs' and shoes price. Well, no doubt it is a very expensive sport and no wonder majority of the players are businessmen or high income people.

Anyway, since my good friend offers me his beginner club for free and I also can obtain some sponsors from my company in terms of free lessons. Why not I give it a try? 

I'm a lefty. After watched some beginner guides from YouTube, I don't think it is an issue of a lefty using normal club and I'll just give it a try. So, I'll just make golf as 1 of my 2014 try list.

Golf, here I come!

Saturday, January 4, 2014


Most of the wise men will told us that whatever we do, we must have patient and fight till last minute, including going after a woman we like, starting a business, get rid of a bad habit, etc.

It is true. Before you really go for it, please weight the price you going to pay and the reward you are getting. Sometimes. it is a bad investment, i.e. wasted a lot of money in order to get the woman you like, health issue due to working too hard for your new business, etc.

We can always try, but if the reward is not that great, what's the point of being persistence, patient and wasting time? I experienced it many times and now I would like to share it with you.


Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year 2014

Gosh, time flies and it has been more than a year I didn't update this blog!

New year new resolution? Fuck that. Please don't waste our time by having new year resolution, indeed we just need to do what we want to do!

Happy New Year 2014, folks!
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