Sunday, July 2, 2017

How to Keep Skin Looking Young?

I read a newspaper article 2 days ago about 3 sisters and their parents all look at least 10+ years younger than their actual age. The article topic immediately drew my attention.

The sisters age 36, 40 and 41, namely Sharon, Fay and Lure, but most of them look like late 20s. On top of that, all the 3 sisters look pretty and maintaining slim body. I personally prefer Lure, the eldest yet she has the most attractive face and attractive line. What shock me further is, their mother 63, but only look like 40+. That's amazing!

Lure (41), Fayfay (40) & Sharon (36)

What could be their secret when asked by the journalist? It turns out the family works their magic with hydration and proper diet. Lure said that the key is to drink water and eat vegetables. She added that moisturizing helps so - “you don’t even need to worry about aging and wrinkles”.

Do you believe what she said? Or we just give it a try?

For the entire news URL, you can read it here.

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