Sunday, July 16, 2017

The Only Way to Get Rich Safely for Normal People

I have been thinking how to get rich for many years. Well, I guess a lot of people are thinking the same thing. But most of us still at the same spot. We probably made and save some money which we are trying our best. We sacrifice a lot of things to work hard and trying to get more income, and we did get so. However, inflation and assets appreciation kill our hard earn money badly.

I remembered a kolomee in my hometown used to cost me $3.50 10 years ago. Today it needs about $7.50. And seems like it is going to inflate higher and higher in the future. Same goes to property and stocks. Those good lots and counters, they are flying high and higher, and we never see their price return again.


I realized apart from work hard and smart is one thing. If we realized we are just ordinary people, investment is the only way to get us rich with lesser risk. I'm not talking about money game, you know you are not going to get such a high interest in any ordinary investment, or at least it's not long term. I'm talking about the only 2 in this world, stock market and property.

Regardless you are a boss, self employed or working for others, if you want to retire early with sufficient fund and overcome inflation, you will have to invest to let your money grows more than inflation. Invest in 'assets with potential valuable in the future' is the only way to gain capital appreciation AND regular consistent income. For property, it is rental income and for stock, it is dividend. And both return is definitely better than fixed deposit over the mid to long term.

However, it is not so straight forward. You must do a lot of homeworks, able to think independently, train your insight about the prospect, be daring and greedy when you think the opportunity comes, dare to commit mistake with loss of money, and finally, be able to think big. There's a lot of logic and experience behind this, those who complied and stick to the principles, win big.

Perhaps you think local property market has already reach a peak time. If you stick to the principles above, I'm sure there are cheap sale and opportunities. If you really think that you cannot afford for now, go for stock investment. It's highly affordable. I'm talking about stock investment, not speculation!

Refer to the diagram below, it depicts a better picture of how can your assets bring regular incomes to you even you don't work, compare to salary only. Yes, perhaps you think you already know this theory long time ago. So are you already succeed?

Fight alone is difficult. Perhaps you should join an aggressive group and let's fight hard together. :)

Have a nice working week ahead.

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