Monday, August 25, 2008

Understand DNS Vulnerability

I believe you might heard about DNS vulnerability or cache poisoning from Domain Name Service (DNS) recently. In fact, do you understand your situation, and are you worry about it?

DNS is to make your life easier by resolving your requested host or domain name to IP address when you browse via web browser, such as IE7 or Firefox. For example, you browse, it will bring you to local google web page. You don't need to remember or key in the long and hard to remember IP address, in this case, web site IP addresses are, and If you key in either of them into your web browser, it serves the same purpose. And these service is normally provided by your local ISP, such as TM Net, Singtel and AOL.

Process of one of the DNS vulnerability cases.

Since DNS is almost used by every Internet users, here's why the attackers came in for this. DNS Cache poison is the worst case among DNS vulnerabilities, although it is not a new concept. An attacker with the ability to conduct a successful cache poisoning attack can possibily lead you to contact the incorrect or malicious hosts for particular services. For example, you access certain web sites under cache poisoning DNS. Consequently, web traffic, email, and other important network data can be redirected to systems under the attacker's control. is a very good and informative web site, but no longer free now.

So basically your online financial, game or any important account credentials can be easily obtain or reveal by attackers anytime. I believe it happened frequently.

So are you interested to know whether your country ISP Domain Name Service (DNS) is safe to use? Fine, just visit Dnsstuff and check it immediately.

If you are scare, just setup your own DNS so you can take control of it.

If it is safe, it should see all four tests are stated GOOD or GREAT in green color. Otherwise, stop accessing any web site which need to supply login credential, and skrew up your local ISP to fix it immediately!

Good luck to you first!

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