Saturday, January 17, 2009

Top Saving Tips at Grocery Store

Hi folks. Sorry for my late post, as I'm extremely busy to prepare for Chinese New Year (CNY) this week. I believe next week will be totally no post for me, as CNY goes by.

I think I've no posted money saving tips for long. So I would like to take this opportunity to contribute what i know to you. Today, I will discuss about top 7 tips on saving at supermarket. It's not a cool topic as it has been discussed many times else where. Anyway, perhaps you can use them as a reference.

When it comes to shopping, we are bound to temptations most of the time.

Top 7 - Make a list
The list will be your grocery needs. Be discipline and stick to the list you made. We don't want to spend extra or unnecessary on grocery. If a grocery item like eggs costs $3, but if you spend more than that every time, you are wasting your money.

Top 6 - Compare unit price
Purchase in-bulk doesn't mean cost effective, but bulk item is cheaper sometimes. It depends. So make sure you bring a calculator along to make the comparison easier.

Top 5 - Discard brand loyalties
Does it really matter for brand loyalties? Well, I would say experiment tells the truth. You may go with those item on sale with lowest unit price. If it is disappointed, you may return to your regular brand, it's not a big deal.

Top 4 - Choose generic
Perhaps you also can try the generic or store brand, they are generally cheaper than other brand. If they are more or less the same quality as the branded one, why don't we make a wiser deicision?

Expert advises us not to use trolley, as it will tempts as to buy more, for convenient purpose.

Top 3 - Make one large trip instead of several small ones
This is almost the same as refill your fuel. Every time you visit the grocery store, it is another chance to increase your spending. By reducing the frequency of your trips, you'll also saving money on overhead such as fuel and time.

Top 2 - Apply a grocery price book
A grocery price book is an ongoing list of the items you most commonly purchase. This list allows you to keep track of price cycles, and plan your shopping trips for maximum savings.

Top 1 - Apply membership card
Most of the hypermarkets offer membership cards, which allow you to redeem points or cash rebates. Make use of them wisely if you visit the same hypermarket most of the time, it'll definitely benefits us. Some hypermarket also works with credit card to offer 1-2% cash rebates for the customers, which is worth to apply as well.

Citibank is now working with Giant by offering 2% rebate to the Giant customers.

That's all about the top 7 saving tips at grocery store I concluded. Enjoy savings and have a nice weekend ahead. ;)

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