Friday, December 26, 2008

Beware During Taking Photo

Merry Christmas once again to you all, folks. How's your holiday going on? Have you taken a lot of nice and beautiful photos?

Well, my Christmas is just past with extra-ordinary this year. I visited a church nearby the town with my friend, and found out 85% of the people there are veterans, including visitors, chores and the musicians. I really don't know where are the youngsters in the town! Well, that's not my purpose of looking for youngsters on Christmas day okay. None the less, it's the most comfortable Christmas for me.

Okay no photo from me, but I do have one which I found this little female has a trouble here. And I would like to ask all females to pay attention on this, only if you are wearing sexy. Other than long hairs, sweet smiles, few cleavages... what else you can notice from the picture below?

Hey, it might looks funny & perhaps a little bit ugly, but we can see they were really enjoy themselves. So for those who accidentally show off your nipple, underwear, bra or whatever sensitive parts when you taking photos, I hope you do relax and don't take it seriously, it's not really a big deal, just be extra careful next time.

Anyway, I'm still wonder what kind of toothpastes they are using, all their teethes are so white and clean! I'm jealous, folks.

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