Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Scammed Email, SMS and Call

You don't have to be the lucky one, because you are having the high chance to hit them anyway.

I have some real samples as follows. The sequence is based on the popularity and victims, in ascending order.

Top 4 - Yea, I won close to $1 Million pound!

Idiotic Point:
You don't even have my personal details, even basic email address, and you mentioned I won the money. It would be a better idea if you ask me to donate some money.

Top 3 - Wow, someone willing to share US$13 millions with me!

Idiotic Point:
This guy forwarded the email to and it's not my email in the first place. Will you share US$13 millions with someone you don't know from the Internet? I will, only if I'm having US$13 trillions.

Top 2 - Got a SMS from Shell that I won $17k!.

Maklumat! dari SHELL Mlys. Anda
tlh berjaya Memenangi Caj tunai RM
17, 000, Sila dial No'telipon Office: 0062
8161108672 Penghantar: Shell Malaysia.

English Translated:
Info from SHELL Malaysia. You
had Won RM17,000. Pls call our office no. 0062
8161108672 From: Shell Malaysia

Idiotic Point:
Shell won't SMS their winners. They will communicate through a more official channel such as letters as well as call. And it sent from Indonesia. The number is sms'ed from +62. And it is asking you to call an Indonesian number for Shell Malaysia? WTH!

Top 1 - Call from Unknown Number that I won HK$200k from Lucky Draw!

Since it's quite long to describe about this story, let me just borrow Kenny Sia story and experience on this scam. He is having fun of it!

Idiotic Point:
1. The lady and guys declared themselves from Hong Kong, but they don't know how to speak Cantonese, but only mandarin (heavy Chinese accent), so it's very obvious they are from China, but calling location is unknown.
2. You never attend the lucky draw, but you hit the grant prize of HK$200k. And it's just confirmed by phone, without letter or newspaper annoucement.
3. You unable to take the money and you have to pay instead, while you've won the grant prize.
4. Too many suspicious points.

Over the scammed method, lucky draw scam is the most effective one so far, even it is full of idiotic points. This method managed to cheat a lot of people and millions of dollars scammed. I would say, this is a very good one, some people are just too greedy and they want to get a big free lunch. Always remember, there is NO FREE LUNCH in this world! (P/S: My friend asked me, One Night Stand consider free lunch or not? No, that should be a supper right? Haha!)

I'm not sure why, after for so long, I still receiving this kind of scammed stuffs quite frequently. Perhaps they hope there is still a niche market? Nah!


kuai said...

just ignore la..:) don't think to much about that.. hehehe;;P~

good day!!

Vincent Lee said...

LOLz. Oh okay. ;)

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