Thursday, July 24, 2008

14 Units of Mercedez E200 Scammed

Sorry, it just has too many stupid issues around in Malaysia lately, and I must talk about it.

I believed Malaysian has know about it, Terengganu government bought 14 units of Mercedes E200 to replace the existing Proton Perdana (bought on Aug 2004) for MP use, which costs government for RM3.43 millions.

It's kinda pissed off when I see this news. I'm getting more frustrated when i heard Terengganu Menteri Besar explanation. Surprisingly, he said they wanted to drive Mercedes because Mercedes has lower maintenance in long run and blamed on Proton Perdana maintenance overshot. Hey, to be honest, I think this is the most stupid reason I ever heard in my life.

You see this statistics, it's far more cheaper than buy 14 units of E200.

What make me laughed more was, he commented that there is nothing wrong, as Najib also owned 3 units of Mercedes at home. Hey, wtf, what's the relation of his Mercedes with you? Are you Assist. PM?......Not!

Why must you buy Benz E200? Not BMW, Camry or Accord?

Here's my queries against the stupid reason he gave.
If he can answer all the queries below with my satisfaction, then fine, I'll love him and shut my mouth off.

1. Improper Service/Maintenance
The 16 units of Proton Perdana were bought on Aug 2004, they are 4 year old cars only, how come it required so expensive maintenance? Did the gov servants take care the cars properly? Service on-time? Are you sure Proton Perdana is really that lousy? All of the cars really got big problems? Or you purpose make the parts malfunction to exchange for claim money from mechanic? If Mercedes are being treated the same way, will it be even more expensive?

It just brought too many queries about this.

2. Warranty Claim
Proton comes with 3 years of warranty or 100,000km whichever come first. If there is anything wrong, they should take the cars back to Proton. Unfortunately, Proton claimed that these cars are never take back for warranty claim.

It's free to service/maintain in Proton, why they need to service/maintain outside? Corruption involves is it? He didn't explain about this.

3. Logical Trade
With RM1.15millions, you can just sell the existing car and buy a new one. Why bother to fix it again?

4. Bills Evidence
Apart from the service/part list he showed to journalists, he didn't show the exact bills on car maintenance. Is he afraid us to query the mechanic about the truth?

Good news, the state's Anti Corruption Agency is doing it's works now.

5. Bought Them without Permission
They bought the Mercedes without PM permission. They only explain after people reported about this issue. If PM said yes, then nothing to argue about. Can you see something wrong here?

6. Comparison with Others
Try to compare the rests (other states MP, salesmen or marketing people) who are also driving Proton Perdana, they didn't complain about this. It's only you guys.

I think this fellow needs more training in talking using brain.

In conclusion, if they just want to drive Mercedes, just tell la.
Don't gave craps and make our people vomit and disgusted with it.

So can I have one unit of E200 also please?


RiccLee said...

All I need is just 1 word.


Only a super duper dumb a$$ will believe wut he said..

ACA Supporter said...

Ya man. No eye to see. -.-

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