Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A Real Joke from My Friend

A real story to share here, but I treat it as a joke because it's a joke. -.-

One of my male friend's friend went to clubbing at usual on one of Saturday night. He was drunk but he still managed to drive his car home. On his way back, he met a police road block. The police stopped his car and requested him to do drunk test.

Since he was drunk and he did not know that he is drunk, he has no fear to do the particular test. Unfortunately, he failed the test miserably and policemen query him about it. He refused to admit he is drunk and he insist he is not drunk. So the police asked him to walk in a line. Eh, he still managed to do so. So the police gave him a chance to do the test again, and he failed.

This fellow is still denied about his guilt. While they arguing about it, a car crashed the road block and escaped. All the policemen went over and left this fellow alone. To the fellow surprise and lucky, he quickly sit on his car and drive it home as fast as he can.

The next early morning, police came to his house and look for him. His wife and him were surprised while both of them just wake up from the bed. The police asked whether he drunk on last night. He is furious and denied about it, and asked the police to seek her wife as evidence to sleep with him on last night.

Anyhow, the police summoned him a RM1,000 note. Because he drove home a police car.

Police car in Malaysia.

His car.

Perhaps they are just about the same. -.-'''


Anonymous said...

Holy cow! This is funny! He is the man!!!!

RiccLee said...

You sure this is real or joke?

Hayabusa said...

This's one hell of, what journalists call, an opportunity shot! count yourself damn lucky cuz this stuff aint coming by everyday... & its a fucking good one!

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