Saturday, July 26, 2008

Buying a LCD TV

Since it's final 2 days promotion advertised on newspapers, I went to Karamunsing shopping complex to look for an LCD TV today. I think it's time to change my house 13 year old 32" TV already, by surprising my dad and mum.

After visited 2 booths, I found it is tough to make a decision to buy one, it's just too many choices with good price. I noticed apart from variety of brand, model and functionality, they also have display unit for sell, extended warranty and old/new stock. It's just a matter of price.

In fact, I just want to look for a 42" Philip display unit that my colleague has bought one 2 days ago. It's only costs RM3,099. Worth to gamble as it claimed that it has used for display for about 8 months only. According to expert, it has nothing to worry about, as normal LCD TV can last for 60,000 hours. If we calculate 1 year x 10 hours a day, it's only about 3650 hours used. You still have 94% usable hours. Further more, the warranty date will run on the day you buy it, and you even entitle to extend up to 4 years by adding RM409. No problem bah.

With Philip 42" LCD, confirm my parents able to enjoy the large screen view.

Unfortunately, they are sold. T.T

The showroom representative showed me other models with different brands. Another Philip 42" LCD seems quite attractive, it comes with Full HD & 10,000 dynamic contrast. But the price is a lot more expensive, costs about RM3,799. Another Samsung 40" outlook looks pretty at RM3,899. And the representative showed me Haier brand as well. It's cheap and look low cost. After some thoughts, I think I should look around first.

When I proceed to another booth, a very cute showroom girl welcome me friendly and warmthly. I like it and it should be a good start here. She showed me LG 32" Scarlet LCD, latest version from LG. The outlook and features look very good and met all my requirements, I was totally impressed with it. It's only costs for RM2,499, where 37" costs RM3,899.

LG Scarlet 37" LCD and cute girl, they are on my list, LOLz.

That's a great deal. The cute girl is so friendly to me and I decided to buy one from her. When I was almost want to buy a 37", I was told 32" & 37" has no stock left. They asked me to take 42" costs me RM4,999. If i insist 32" and 37", I need to put RM100 deposit and wait for minimum of 2 weeks time. I felt a little bit piss off, because I need to wait long and it only can gives maximum 2 years warranty. Without hestitate much, I left the booth and went home, because I need to think about it properly.

LCD & Plasma nowadays offering variety of choices with affordable prices.

Actually I'm just looking for a reasonable price and good quality LCD TV, I don't need fancy outlook and high-tech features at this moment (will consider when I get rich). I don't mind to buy a display unit also as warranty is still run. Perhaps I'll consider showroom unit of Haier 42" or new unit of Samsung 32".

I'm just inexperience about this. Do you have any suggestion for me?


RiccLee said...

Go for 42".. :p
I go ur house enjoy yea.. LoL

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