Wednesday, July 23, 2008

What You can Buy with $10 Billions?

With $10 billions in hand, what you can really buy?

In Malaysia, perhaps I can buy 10 unit of big bungalow around KL city that come with swimming pool costs $7 millions and 10 unit of Ferrari Enzo costs $3 millions. The inflation rate in Malaysia is about 7-10% this year. Fair enough due to the serious hike of the fuel price, but I think Malaysians always can fight it better.

Salary is getting virtually smaller and smaller nowadays, thanks to inflation.

For normal residents like us, owning $10 billions are just a dream, until our grand's grandson can benefit from the amount.

It is 360 degrees different when you are living in Zimbabwe. I was quite upset when I heard bread costs $10 millions in Zimbabwe. Yes, $19 millions just for a bread, due to skyrocket inflation of happening in this country. Their inflation rate is about 2,200,000% up to now, which is really frightening. Sorry to tell you that Zimbabwe was once the wealthiest country in Africa.

A Zimbabwean posted this pic in his blog describing the life in Zimbabwe.

Compare to Zimbabwe residents, we are luckier and wealthier.
Do pray for them and the country.

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Vincent Lee said...

Sorry my fault. It should be $10 Billion.

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