Sunday, May 25, 2008

Perodua launched Nautica.

Perodua just launched it's latest 4WD model after Kembara, namedly Nautica. Overall the interior and exterior design and quality looks quite elegant and nice. If you are interested, I guessed you have already look at it's price, it's extremely expensive, RM92,000 for Sabah citizens. Why so damn expensive? In fact it is a Complete Built Unit (CBU) from Japan, in terms of quality and materials used, it is durable and reliable. So it definitely worths this value, even though it is chopped with Perodua logo.

Apart from price, you must be also wonder it is similar to Daihatsu Terrios and Toyota Rush. Yes, they are almost the same, because they are using the same design, the only difference is Toyoto Rush is made from Thailand factory, Terrios and Nautica are made from Japan factory. So there is price difference, Rush is slightly cheaper in this case. For Terrios, you cannot get it in Malaysia due to Daihatsu already signed contract with Perodua.

So if you are fans of Terrios, which model will you go for?
My opinion is, if you opt for Toyota Rush, the resell value might be better, might be.
but if you dont plan for resell, or prefer a reliable and durable vehicle, go for Nautica, it's definitely worth it. If you don't believe me, you can feel the difference between Rush and Nautica during your test drive, pay attention to the dashboard and overall assembly of the car. Nautica is the one who is more solid, worth it, I mean worth it only if you have money to buy.

Anyway, for myself, if I have the money to buy the same value car, I would go for Nissan Latio (solid & powerful vehicle) or Honda City (save petrol).

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