Monday, May 26, 2008

Is MyFM 至尊流行榜 fair or fake?

Do you listen to MyFM 至尊流行榜 hit on very Saturday morning 10am to 12pm? Supposedly it is vote by the public and rated by the magazines etc. I think it is just fake for me with the result almost every week. Few years back, whoever come to Malaysia, then he/she definitely will get #1, because they scared the singer won't come back here anymore.

But now, what I even get more frustrated, is like they are taking turn to enjoy #1, regardless who, except chicken head la. And for those #1, they CONFIRMED will be relegated from the chart in the following week. And then also CONFIRMED #2 will goes up to #1, and #3 to #2. And they are almost the same as other positions. So you already know the result on the following week, of who will getting #1 or #2 already. Let's have a look at the latest chart result (17 May) as below:

According to the latest result chart, Fish Leong is #1, Sit Hoi Kei #2 and Lee Sheng Jie #3. So it's almost to be confirmed Fish Leong next week wont be in the chart anymore. #1 should be Sit Hoi Kei, and Lee Sheng Jie #3 (I posted these predictions in my blog on 22 May before I post the following portion.)

Dont believe me? Let's see the following week result (24 May, 08). Check out yourself below.

Well, it is really not a big deal, but please try to be fair. Stay cool okay.

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