Friday, January 21, 2011

Gary Ng, Another Sex Scandal Prince?

Do you know there is a Singaporean Casanova who posted on a blog 507 recordings of him having sex with several women?  
His blog nick name, Gary Ng, age unknown, dubbed Singapore’s Edison Chen. I believe many of the Malaysian and Singaporean knew him via the Internet, especially male. Perhaps most of them are his blog die-hard supporters. But unfortunately, it has put a full-stop and the blog is locked with user credentials after he being arrested.

From the news today, I only aware that he has been jailed 50 months and fined SGD20,000, while looked composed when the sentence was passed. 
So far we have Edison Chen from Hong Kong and Indonesia's Edison Chen. Now we have another Singapore's Edison Chen. So where is Malaysia's one?
In the case of Gary Ng, whose real name is Chen Guilin, police seized 507 self-recorded sex videos from his home in June last year. Some of the women were aware that they were being filmed while others were oblivious to it. 
According to the interview with Gary, these women faced are censored, because he said he is 'ethical' and he doesn't want to destroy their futures since he posted the videos in his blog. GARY becomes his nick because it stands for "Girls Always Remember You" for him. Holy Cow! 
Another interesting thing is he started this blog after he recorded 10 videos. He created a name based on the sex partner's occupation. It managed to drag huge crowd to come to his blog and gave good responds to him. That's makes him proud of himself and dubbed as Singapore's Edison Chen.

Gary Ng had boasted about his “achievements” on his blog, claiming that the women he slept with were real estate agents, bank executives, undergraduates and pub waitresses. He wanted to do this because he wants to take revenge on female after being betrayed by his ex-girlfriends.
If you are interested to know in details about this talented guy and his story, you may want to watch 17 minutes interview with Gary Ng here
What a stunning story from this Singaporean!
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