Thursday, January 6, 2011

My Taipei Trip

Today, I would like to share with you regarding my Taipei trip on last week. 

Lack of  Skyscrapers?

It's been an excited trip, because this is my first time to visit Taipei city. Well, thanks to Air Asia that it let us save a lot of money from the air ticket. In contrast to my expectation, it is nothing much difference from other Chinese cities in Asia. Apart from Taipei 101 building, you hardly can find other skyscrapers in Taipei city, due to the possible natural disaster for this big island. Unlike Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur or Singapore, skyscrapers are filled in the central of the city. 

Edge for Taipei?

On the other hand, Taipei is having an edge over other cities, especially over cities in Malaysia. Overall their places are clean, no matter you are in the night market or public toilet. Unlike in Malaysia, the infrastructures built are also proper. So far I couldn't find any hole on their roads. Another thing is I used to get stomach ache once in a while in my workplace country and hometown. But I felt very good in Taipei, even I simply eat a lot of foods in the night market.

One of the important edges Taipei has is the human resources, especially their servicing. Perhaps some of us already knew that many Taiwanese are trained to be creative. They create and innovate a lot of things, especially in IT, agriculture, foods and drinks industry. Generally, the competition for these industries over there are very high. Thus, they are required to be creative and innovation all the time. That's supporting the growth for the country.

As for the people there, most of them are very friendly and polite. If you visit the retails and restaurants, you would feel respected as the promoters and waitress are really good in sales and marketing, not forget to mention they are generally pretty and fair as well. That's really impress me. Unlike in Malaysia, you have to pay but also suffer from the promoters or waiter bad attitude as well. I would say Malaysian has a lot to learn from them in terms of serving customer attitude. 

For tourist hot spot, I did not go out from the city but scrolling around the city hot spots like shopping lots and night markets. Overall, it's quite boring for me. I've no choice but to follow the team. So I've nothing much to share about this. Anyway, I did visit the 2011 new year countdown place. There was 820,000 people gathered over there when it is close to 12am. I don't think I used to see so many people live in a place.

Where my money spent?

Apart from transportation and hotel, most of my money spent in books, foods and clothes for coming Chinese New Year. The books over there are more variety and dirt cheap, compared to Malaysia and Singapore. That's why you can see more people hanging in the bookstores in Taipei. More people prefer reading over there, which is good for themselves and the country.

Overall, the cost living in Taipei consider lower than Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore city. So if you have limited budget but wish to visit one of the nice and clean cities in Asia, you may consider Taipei to be your first choice.

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