Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Why Smart People Need Passion?

I spent my last Christmas in my hometown and I managed to meet a few of old friends who are around my age. I noticed some of them are extra ordinary smart and rich. They know a lot of things far better than me and they talked like a professional on certain topics. They are just like born leaders, where others willing to listen to and follow them. 

I feel like they are some kind of people who can contribute a lot to the society, if this is true good to be true. 

Unfortunately, they are spoiled men who rely on parent's wealth for daily living. Their daily routine is just to wake up and sleep late, get some entertainments, having meals outside and gym. But still, their minds are still functioning very well after years of such activities. 

When I asked other friends why these smart people are not working, they told me that their parents are rich and they have no interest to work for others. The reasons sound ridiculous but I guess I've no point to ask them in details about it. I also get to know that they are interested to be an entrepreneur by starting some businesses. So far they only know how to talk but no action. 

I'm suspecting that the parents are trust and love their children too much until they let them do what they want. Or the parents have no idea of what to advice them, as they are already busy enough with their businesses. 

In fact, it's none of our business. I don't want to complain or criticize others. They may get offended if I advice them, adding that I'm a very poor in communication and persuasion. I just curious why they allow their talents to be wasted. 

If they can find their passion at the right time, I believe they can become a very hardworking and successful person. 

Anyway, this is what I observed over myself and others. If you found a matter that you have great passion with, hardworking will come automatically. You won't care how many effort and time you spend to do it, but you enjoy doing it. It's just like the way that youngsters playing online game. You will be totally addicted.

On the other hand, if you are fade up with your current career and works, that's mean they unable to bring any passion to you anymore, but only the monthly salary for you to continue to survive. 

Passion would not appear automatically, we need time and some effort to discover it, just like you are looking for your partner. 

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