Saturday, January 29, 2011

Top 10 Creative Billboards

It has been a while that I did not post and rate the top 10 topic. By searching the history of this blog, we have the most famous top 5 and top 10 Chinese wedding door games, follow by top 10 idiotic inventions, and top 10 habits of millionaire

So what have for today post? We have top 10 creative billboards! I must say it's not always easy to be creative, but it's always enjoyable to see people's creativity.

Top #10 - Silberman's Fitness Center

Top #9 - Denver Water

Top #8 - Eskom

Top #7 - Mars Chocolate Bar

Top #6 - Formula Toothpaste

Top #5 - Cingular Telco

Top #4 - Apple iPod and Rona Paint

Top #3 - Mini-Cooper

Top #2 - Pond's Cleanser

Top #1 - Mexico Unido

That's about the Top 10 creative billboards. I hope you enjoy it.
Have a nice weekend, folks!
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