Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Happy Chinese New Year!

Okay, tomorrow is Chinese New Year (CNY) for 2011, which is the time to say good bye to Tiger and welcome Rabbit.

CNY, also called Chinese Lunar New Year, is the most important of the traditional Chinese holidays. Perhaps you know that I'm a Chinese, a Malaysian Chinese. 

It's a cheerful festival and positive for the local economy. This is because people will pour out their money to buy presents, decoration, material, food, and clothing. It is also the tradition that every family thoroughly cleans the house to sweep away any ill-fortune in hopes to make way for good incoming luck.

On the Eve of CNY, supper is a feast with families. Almost the best food will be served and normally people enjoy it at home. I've back to my hometown on yesterday and I had my great dinner with my family just now, despite I'm not in the mood of celebrating CNY due to an crucial career issue that bothering me too much. My mum was not with us for dinner today, as she went back to her hometown on yesterday evening to attend my grandma's sudden funeral today. I would like to accompany her but the flight is full due to CNY festival.

There are too many bad news surrounding me and I've no choice but to bring them to 'celebrate' 2011's CNY. This should be the worst CNY to me so far, as of 31 years old. Well, sometimes, it's depend on how we see and think about the bad things happen around us. If we see them as an opportunities and lessons for us, we can move forward and grow better easily. Yes, I would like to do so.

The Chinese New Year tradition is a great way to reconcile, forgetting all grudges, and sincerely wish peace and happiness for everyone. So I think I'll be doing good and overcome all the grudges. 

I also want to borrow this opportunity to wish all Chinese readers a happy and prosperous Chinese New Year. May you and your loved one enjoy good health and happiness always.

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