Sunday, February 13, 2011

My Stomach Gains Weight?

After celebrating Chinese New Year (CNY), I realized that I have gained weight for almost 2 kg. The entire body is still remain steady, except my tummy. It is inflated.

Yes, this is not only my problem, it's most of the men's problem, especially middle age men. Our stomachs are big like we are pregnant. As a man, we are not shy of having big tummy, because it is very common out there.

Many of my friends are as skinny as me, but they have a bigger stomach. This is not a trend, but somehow related to our habits and what we used to do. I bet most of them are just like me, not exercise regularly and sitting in front of computer most of the time. And this is how this little tummy is born.

Sad to tell, my tummy started to grow since more than 6 months ago where I stopped my regular exercise. I only playing one or two badminton games perhaps once or twice a week, which cannot help much. 

I used to laugh at my friends who look skinny but having a big stomach. Ouch, and now it's my turn. How awful am I!

My colleagues and friends always tell me that I look skinny, or getting skinner. Well, in fact I'm almost 5 ft 8 and weight at 69kg. By doing a simple calculation, I'm suppose to fall in the healthy range. In fact, my tummy is not that seriously big but it is obviously comes out with fitting cloth.

To deter it to grow further, I forced myself to go to jog and do abs exercise these few evenings. As you know, I'm having a hard time, because I did not do it for a long period and it seems so strange for me to work out. 

Abs training is just like waking up on time every morning. It requires great perseverance and self-discipline. But fortunately, it is a no-brainer. For mid to long term solution, perhaps I've to force myself to do sit-up as my daily habit. 

For the time being, I think I better don't make any promise first. Haha!

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