Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Lessons From Three Kingdoms

I'm watching Three Kingdoms new series drama recently. If you haven't know, Three Kingdoms is a well-known period in the history of China. In short, it talks about the loss of Han Dynasty emperor power with the rising and ending of the three empires in China.

This drama recorded is Mandarin and most of the casts are from China. It has 95 episodes in total, which is consider a long China history drama. So far I've watched 45% of them. 

In fact, I love to watch war movies, like Lord Of The Ring series. I'm a Three Kingdoms' fan since my early 20's. I'm very much attracted to it's story line and casts. I won't miss any drama or movie related to Three Kingdoms. Most importantly, we can learn many lessons from this history, which I would like to share some of them with you today.

1) Communication Skills
Most of the leaders in Three Kingdom are pro in their communication skills. The way they speak to their troops and commandos are professional, prestigious and well respected. They make use of their communication skills to motivate, convince, compliment and negotiate with others, especially with their enemy.

Thus, to be a leader, we have no choice but to sharpen our communication and public speaking skills, just like them.

2) Trust
In 3 Kingdoms, the wise people can make you trust what he said, and the fool people can make you loss trust of what he said even it is truth. We can learn from this story that why we cannot easily trust what others told us. We have think and analyze the information first, before making any decision.

3) Understanding
Why the top advisors in Three Kingdoms can lead the troop to win the battle easily? This is because they understand what is required in a battle, like enemy behavior, terrain condition, weather effect, psychology and so on. The more you understand in detail, the more advantage you'll have. Like what Sun Tzu said, you can win the battle only when you know your enemy and yourself, which is very true.

4) Speed
Chow Cao had one definite advantage over others, FAST. His decision and action are like thunder. The enemy has almost no chance to prepare every time before his attack. And that's why his winning record is the best among all other emperors. The old men used to say, 'Once we talk about Chow Cao, here's Chow Cao comes'. It means Chow Cao act too fast that when you mention about his name, he will appear in front of you.

It reflects to the business world today. Business is facing huge competition from every aspect. The number of competitors are increasing every day and they want to make you down. Whoever wants to stand out from the crowd, he/she has to be the first one to act. Early bird gets the worm.

5) Wisdom
No doubt, wisdom is the most important skill in a battle. Chow Cao managed to obtain many castles for free, just because he applied the right wisdom from himself and his advisors. Most of the time, he did not even need to sacrifice one soldier to get the castle. It's total an unfair game for others.

On the other hand, Kong Ming utilized his wisdom to defeat Chow Cao million's troop with his 100,000 small troop. That's why the Chinese always said, 'Don't fight for it but use wisdom to take it'. It's a lot easier and more efficient. However, wisdom doesn't grow and gain in one day, but to accumulate over many years. 

There are many other lessons from this story, you can discover yourself, like the meaning of faith and generosity. Again, Three Kingdoms is a long drama which is worth for me to spend my precious time with.

Now, are you interested to watch Three Kingdoms? If you are Mandarin literate, perhaps you can watch it via ppstream web site for free. If you know any English translated or subtitle ppstream URL, perhaps you can share it here.

Hey, it's time to continue my Three Kingdoms drama. Have a nice weekend, folks.

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