Monday, January 3, 2011

Air Asia Web Check-In

If you are Air Asia customer, you should know or use Web Check-In in the airport. The purpose is to reduce the long queue for check-in. 

Well, the previous date I used Air Asia to travel is on yesterday. December last year alone I've used it to travel for 7 times. Overall, I'm an Air Asia frequent traveler in 2010, average travel via it twice a month,. Therefore, I use Web Check-In frequently and I understand it a lot, until I can write a post about it. 

To do so, you just simply need to log on to Air Asia web site and key in your booking number within 4 to 48 hours before departure. There is even a video to teach you how to do so step-by-step. Pretty simple.

Initially, whoever uses web check-in service is consider quite satisfy. This is because you don't have to queue when you reach airport and it fasten your process to check-in at Web Check-In counter, same goes to Check-In Kiosk. 

Another good thing is that you can go to airport a bit late to endorse your web checked-in ticket, which save 1 of my last minute trips before (I reached airport 15 mins before the plane departs, without luggage, thanks to web check-in).

With the popularity of web check-in, more and more people are started to use this service. It's convenient, efficient and easy to use. Unfortunately, many people are using it nowadays but the web check-in counter remain the same. The queue is getting longer and longer weekly, especially peak month like December. Web check-in is no longer fast lane nowadays. It's slower than normal check-in lane most of the times. 

Nevertheless, there are still some benefits of using Web Check-In. If you have done Web Check-In, basically you can go to the traditional counter or web check-in counter to endorse, not necessary go to web check-in counter. What if you are late to airport? You still have a slice of hope to check-in via any counter because you have basically already checked-in.

Another thing is, if you lose your web check-in paper, you can request the Web Check-In counter ground staff to print it for you. 

Anyway, I forced to swift to another expensive airline (pay for extra 100%-200% compare to Air Asia) starting from tomorrow, because Air Asia has stopped flying from my hometown to my workplace country. Due to the expensive ticket, I forced to do less traveling from now. 

I hope it can revives the flight soonest, where I don't mind Air Asia  push up the ticket price by 20-30% to cover the meal losses. 

Happy traveling via Air Asia, folks!

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