Saturday, December 25, 2010

Student Used Panties, Anyone?

Hey folks, do you have the habit of buying or collecting female used panties online? If you are, good news for you. a college student in Singapore is selling her used panties online for S$45 each. Perhaps this is common in well-developed countries, due to high demand. But definitely not in Malaysia and Singapore.
Well, this student is utilizing her 'brain' well, by the way she is doing online business. There was an added “bonus” for customers who buy two panties each, they will receive a free video clip of this 19 year old student taking off the lingerie but her face was not shown. It also said that she had sold 16 panties so far.

According to the news source, the girl, known only as Felicia, started her sexual fetish business last month through her blog. About 200 people left their comments on her blog. She said she ventured into the business to earn some pocket money and to pay for her tuition fees.
“All the panties will be worn by me for at least 12 hours before being sold,” she said in her blog. Felicia first sold the lingerie for SG$30 each but increased the price this month.
Felicia, however, refused to come forward for a personal interview and later decided to stop giving out the free video clips. “I cannot reveal my identity and let others know who I am,” she said.

In summary, I just don't understand why certain men have such habits of buying them. These used panties are useless for men. Of course, since I'm not the fans, I won't know how they feel. I do pay respect to personal interest.
For most of you, may be you are not interested to buy, but you are interested to know the blog URL address. Well, me too!

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