Saturday, December 18, 2010

Investing in iPhone4

I guess everyone know why many of the people like to get an iPhone4. Well, if you don't like gadget, mobile phone or follow the trend, perhaps you won't really wanting to get it. Unlike Europe, Singapore or US, getting an iPhone4 32GB cost us RM2,600 in Malaysia! What the heck, it's more or less equivalent to some people's 1 or 2 months monthly salary.
Yes, we can't deny that it is expensive in RM, but yet many of the people, especially youngsters are just in love with it too much. iPhone4 is being so successful because of the phone applications. They are just brilliant and too many for you to explore.

For your information, I'm using Nokia E72 and Motorola 3G 2nd grade mobile phones. I love them because their batteries are lasting long, allow me to call and sms all the time, as well as alarm me to wake up on time. That's all that I'm using my mobile phone daily. Nonetheless, I think it may necessary for me to get an iPhone4, just for the sake of keep myself update with the latest and coolest web applications in the world, and enable me to access to Internet anywhere and anytime I want. These 2 reasons should be sufficient for me to invest in iPhone4.

On the other hand, I hate to spend RM2,600 just to invest in something won't get me any return in the future and the value shrinking every day just like a car and TV. It's consider a lavish item for me, because this sum of money just enough for me to pay my utility bills for 10 months! I just feel marvel why there are a lot of people holding it around the street. Yes, I know I'm a stingy person, or I should say I live frugally. I hope 1 unit of iPhone4 drops from the sky so I don't have to buy one. So what now? I want to buy or not now?

iPhone4 currently is out of stock in my region, so there is still time for me to ponder over it further. Perhaps there won't be any price drop in the near future. The only way I can think of so far, in order to get it for free, I have to get RM2,600 from the stock market. Yes, it can be materialized if the luck is with me. Let's see.

Anyway, I think I have to ban the use of  iPhone4 or Andriod when we gather together. See what are your friends doing when you guys gathered at the coffee shop? They just concentrate on their iPhone4 and play with the phone apps! So who should I talk to if I don't have an iPhone4 to play around? Waitress?

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