Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Fight Back Or Just Give?

Today, I read a news in a local newspaper, describing that an old sundry shopkeeper trying to fight back when 2 robbers are trying to rob his cash machine around 10pm last night. 

The robbers managed to grab SG$,3000 from the shopkeeper and ran away. And the shopkeeper hands were slashed by the knife because he tried to fight back when being asked to hand out the cash. Eventually, he lost his hard-earn revenue and he cannot work for the time being due to no finger to press on the machine now.

If you were the shopkeeper, how will you react when you get rob? If you can fight like Ip Man, Bruce Lee or Jet Li, perhaps you will have no problem to fight back. You can fight up to 10 men huh! This old man is brave. Nonetheless, if the robbers are cold blood, this old man might died already.

I consider myself still lucky because I've yet to face robbery case before, touch wood. Who know, perhaps we might be facing such situation one day and we don't know what to do but panic.

I believe the logic way is calm down yourself and the robbers, give what they want while trying to buy some time to think about a better resolution. And bear in mind we can always earn back the money. The chance might be low to fight back, not worth it. 

Perhaps there are lots of better idea. When you get rob, all good ideas are gone. So be prepared.

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