Friday, December 10, 2010

Do You Have Bad Breath?

How to tell if you have breath stinks? Well, common sense would say brush and floss your teeth regularly. Have you ever though that it might came from your tougue?

Haha, I'm not sure how true it is, as I didn't really look into it. Anyway, Orabrush, a tongue cleaner product, supposedly having a hard time due to lack of demand on last year when it is first debut. The boss has tried a lot of ideas but no to avail.

Eventually, a college student, Jeffrey Harmon is so smart that he accepted the challenge with US$1,500 reward. He has helped Orabrush to make DIY video clip and advertise it on YouTube. And he managed to make a history for Orabrush.

So how success Orabrush in YouTube? Not only it has closed to 31 millions viewers up to today, but also hit US$1 million sales within 1 year.

So is hard to earn money? Yes. Is it hard to come out with such a creative idea? Definitely. Is Harmon a lucky ass? I believe no. This success story tells us that our fate is always falls within our hand. And of course not to forget, YouTube rocks!
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