Friday, June 18, 2010

World Cup 2010 Betting - Part II

Apparently, the traffics after 7.15pm are greatly reduced since last weekend. I feel great when I went out to buy things, because it really save me a lot of time without queuing in the jam!

It looks like not much surprise in the first round, most of the matches were predictable. Perhaps a lot of people winning? Of course, there were some glitches occurred, like Brazil only managed to take down North Korea with 2-1, which sounds like playing cheat, where Swiss took down Spain by 1-0. What a surprise!

Apart from some little surprises, there were also some fools messed up their team's future in the World Cup, like Robert Green, the Nigerian flying kick to Greece player and made him has the chance to display his world-class acting quality, as well as South Korean and Denmark creative own goals.

Whatever it is, 2nd round matches are ongoing since yesterday. It will be more excited as the team needs to be work harder to get qualify. Argentina managed to insult South Korea with 4-1 on last night, which put them back to the position where they were. Tonight matches are very though, will England stunt Algeria? Let's see, it is very interesting.

How's my online competition betting result and ranking so far? It's sad to say my result was not that satisfying. This is because of the tumbling of South Korea and France on last night, my ranking was dropped quite badly. Perhaps I will work harder today to push myself into 100. 

My updated ranking as of 19th June, 2010.

Happy World Cup month, folks!

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