Friday, June 4, 2010

Raping In The House, By Taxi Driver

If a man managed to have sex with many pretty women like Edison Chan, perhaps you will recognized his outstanding 'communication' skills. But, if a man managed to rape many girls and continue to threaten them for continuous sex supply, we would definitely look down on him. He just utilized his wisdom to commit crimes and threaten the rest of others' life.
Yes, this crown is belong to a 54 year old taxi driver. 6 secondary school students became his sex slaves for almost a year after he raped them, filmed the act and threatened to make the videos public if they told anyone about it. The victims are just aged between 15 and 17, were passengers of him took to his house instead of their destination and raped. 

He would later call the girls whenever he wanted sexual favours and use the recording to threaten them. Three students who were unable to bear the torment mustered enough courage to report the matter to the police. Police are still looking for the other three victims. The first victim, who revealed her ordeal to a close friend who had asked her why she took the same taxi every time, lodged the first report.
Based on the video recordings on the cabbie’s phone, police believe there were six victims in total. According to police, the recordings showed the victims screaming, crying and pleading with the taxi driver to release them. This monster is still single and living alone, he has been remanded for 7 days by police now.
From the look at this lesson, we really have to educate and train our children on how to handle this kind of incident when they are alone, to prevent such tragedy happen. I don't think we want them to meet such incident. But somehow, this is out of our control most of the time. Our children might really need to take cab one day?
So how to educate? Good question, but I don't know yet. Perhaps you can try to post this question in your Facebook and seek for opinions. Have a nice weekend, folks!
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