Sunday, May 30, 2010

Foxconn Employees Tragedy

You should be paying attention to a giant manufacturer employees tragedy. Foxconn Technology Group, one of the largest motherboard manufacturers in the world, has up to 12 staffs suicided in China factory due to unknown recently. The initial suspect is the employees are overloaded with the works and pressure from the superiors due to high volume of stock orders, as well as unable to communicate properly with others. 

Some reporters attempted to investigate the truth of Foxconn employee suicide incident. Unfortunately, Foxconn is yet to announce to them anything for the time being. According to the interview with some of the Foxconn's staffs, they admitted they are overloaded with works and pressure, and some of them admitted they have no friends to talk to. The reporters also slipped in to the working environment, but the outcome is good. Foxconn is providing employees a good facility and working environment, such as library, sports complex, canteen, etc.

Do you know iphone components are also made by Foxconn manufacturer?

To counter measure the problem, Foxconn has taken some actions such as rising the staff wages for 20%, hire consultant to alleviate the pressures and communicate with the existing employees. 

Anyway, such incident does not affecting the job applicants. There are thousands of them queuing to work with Foxconn.When the reporter interviewed with some job applicants, they said those employees who suicided were stupid, they would seek for other channels to solve this problem. Well, from my opinion, these people should not say so, as they only say that when the incident has occurred. At least they should respect the people who pass away.

A lot of Chinese complained about this incident. So what's next?

We all know the competition between IT manufacturers are getting competitive, and high cost with lower margin. But the bottom line is we are still human, we have limitation. So Foxconn cannot just think from the profit point of view from the beginning. No matter what it is, damage has been made and we hope the price is not too heavy for Foxconn. Let's see what's next for her.

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