Thursday, May 13, 2010

Google Search Engine Update

I hate Google, because it deprived my Google Adsense income. On the other hand, I love Google. This is because it's search engine is so convenient for me to do research, and I'm using to do free blogging. What a dilemma situation for me. But no doubt, I will still share anything good about Google.

If you are a Google search engine regular user, you must be noticing there is some changes on Google search engine outcome page. Well, I believe some of you might not notice it due to 'machineary reaction'. Basically Google has categorized the search outcome into sections such as news, photo, books, videos, etc. The purpose is to allow end user to look for more accurate outcome by category. Apart from that, outcome also can be displayed based on history.

All you can find is on the left hand bar on the outcome page. It is there by default. Just click 'Everything' to go back to the original search result. Perhaps you will get what I say with the video below.

Enjoy your 'Googling', folks!
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