Saturday, May 1, 2010

A Business Minded 16-Year Old Boy

What did you do when you are 16 years old? Hang out with friends? Play basketball? Spend time to flirt with pretty boys or girls? or playing cyber and online games? 

Well, we have a 16 years old local boy named Wong Ying Hang acts differently with most other boys. He managed to make RM10,00 within 3 months via his online business. Not only that, he started to have education class on sharing and teaching how he made handsome profit from the Internet. I believe for now, he is almost the trainer in the country. From the way he talks and lectures, the audience said he really doesn't look like a 16 years old boy. 

Wong (in red) & his participants in his training course.

According to Wong, he was inspired by his father since he is very young. He enhanced his knowledge by reading all sort of self-improve and business books. The only purpose of reading those books is to understand the business model and how it can brings income to him. 

In his 14, he designed a math's topic blog and managed to sell it for USD38. And he made quite some attempts and failed, until come out an online business named "Sifu Profit System". This system basically is to help you to sell your business online, or perhaps sell your blog/web page to others. And within 3 months, he managed to sell this system to people around the world and gain his first RM10,000 profit.

What a business talented, mature and aggressive boy. He really has a good start with his age advantage. I wish him all the best. If you are interested to further looking into what system he is offering, you may visit his product & service web site.

Have a nice weekend, folks!

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