Saturday, October 25, 2008

Idiot But Funny Game

Are you boring and looking for special & interesting entertainment game to play with a group of friends?

Yea, I don't know what's the game name, but I know it's damn funny and idiot game. Please allow me to introduce this game to you.

Basically this game requiring minimum 2 people in a team, get a few teams if you can. And you'll need some wooden chairs and balloons filled with waters. 1 of the team members will sit down on the wooden chair and hold the balloon on top of his/her legs, and the other member will have to run from 3-5 meters away and jump on top of the member who is sitting on the chair. The purpose is just to bust the balloon, as many as possible within 1 minute. The team busted the most balloon is the winner.

The pair should be team up by male(sit) & male, male(sit) & female and female(sit) &female only. If you are lucky, get a pretty chick to play with you and let her bust your 'ball'.

Let's watch how these people play the game. Enjoy. ;)

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