Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Best Defrag Tool

It's time to introduce good software to my reader again.

Today, I would like to introduce a better software to de-frag your hard disk. Like what I always emphasized, I hate using Microsoft windows default software, such as Personal Firewall, Internet Explorer and de-fragmentation tool. You can simply get a better alternative software from the Internet for FREE, why not!

Okay. I would like to recommend you Smart Defrag, issued by Iobit. Obviously, it's the best defrag tool I ever used. It's totally FREE and able to give you a complete diagnosis of your hard drive, de-fragment and speed up disk performance. It's a lot faster and better than using your default Disk Defragmenter, trust me.

To further convince you, let's look at the software price and features comparison in details as below.

It's also rated by CNet Download.com as Top Rated 5 Stars since September 2008.

Just make sure you download, install and schedule to run it every week, to ensure your hard disk performance is optimized and de-fragmented. Please try now!

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