Saturday, January 16, 2010

How To Read Fast?

I believe you have heard enough of how to make money online or how to be a millionaire from the Internet. Well, that could be interesting to read on from the first time. How about, how to read fast?

To be honest, I always have problem to read an article, book or magazine. I always cannot concentrate and read them very slow. I wasting a lot of time to read a short article. I always envy those who can read very fast and able to understand what they are reading. Until very recently, I realized the important to read fast to save up my precious time. I really have to overcome it, as I still have many materials to read for the remaining of my life.

After did a quick research, seems like there are many ways to improve the reading speed. One of the articles even mentioned the tips can help you improve 300% in a short period. Sounds amazing. Unfortunately, I don't understand what is it talking about after reading it. And eventually, I come across a video. Those tips mentioned in the clip does make sense to me.

After practiced it for a couple of days, my reading speed seems slightly improve now. So, I would like to share it with you here, how to speed read.

Hope you will enjoy it. Have a nice weekend, folks!


cr3ap said...

Nice information that you share there. Good and now I can improve my reading skills to be even faster.

Regards from cr3ap

Scribbles from Yen said...

Hi Vincent. 1st time visiting ur blog here. Hope u hv lots of practice on ur speed reading & don't slck off. Haha...

Vincent Lee said...

Thansk cr3ap, sure you can improve your reading skills, if you keep practicing.

Vincent Lee said...

Hi Yen, sure I will. Thanks.

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