Thursday, January 28, 2010

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Hey guys, Valentine's day is coming in less than 3 weeks, have you think of what to present to your partner? Sometimes, you will get bored if you keep doing the same time. Well, if you yet to come across any idea, perhaps some simple ideas below can help you out, at least for the coming Valentine day.

Anyway, you should aware that gift is just an object, your sincerity is the message you want to deliver to her, isn't it? Perhaps we don't really need to spend much about it, and we can do something different this year. Let's see.

1. Flowers
Are flowers the indispensable gift for Valentine day? If yes, perhaps you don't really have to buy. How about DIY? Perhaps you just need to buy color papers and ribbons and you MAKE IT YOURSELF. No time to do it? In fact, you just need 15 mins to show your sincerity. Try this.

If it is too simple, just think of how to improve it. Good luck.

2. Cloth
As you know Valentine's day will be crashed with Chinese New Year, we can do some combos here. How about buying a Cheong Sam for her? It cost less than RM50 per piece here. Perhaps she can wear your Valentine's day gift to celebrate Chinese New Year. So every Chinese New Year will be her Valentine day by wearing your Valentine's day gift.

3. Video
Well, we don't need a talent to make a video. It's pretty simple. All you just need is some preparation and practice. Perhaps you can just borrow a digital camera from your friend, sing a love song with guitar, or say something you want to tell her from your heart, and send the video to her on Valentine day. Something like this, but I'm sure you will be better than him. ;)

If you dare enough, just upload to Facebook and let her proud of your daring.

4. Fine Meal
You don't have to really go to up-market restaurant every year. How about cook a simple lunch or dinner for her for this year?

No idea what to cook? Perhaps you can refer some delicious Valentine's day recipes here.

5. Blog
How about create a blog for her, and write down all the history you both went through from the first day, or post about her favorite in the blog. It's totally free. All you need it's recall you thinking and time to write it.

Okay, these are the simple ideas that I want to share with you. I hope they are not too lousy. Perhaps you will have a better one by now. No matter what gift is it, the most important thing is you do it sincerely. Good luck!

Wait, how about Valentine's day gift for guys? I would say any idea will do, as long as not the ideas above. ;)

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